How do you ship a Rover?

I'm putting serious thought into taking our two Rovers to Florida this fall to pedal the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage trail.  Since I live in Sacramento, that's not something I'm going to put on the rack and drive there.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has done anything along these lines.  I thought about renting a trike but I don't think there is a way to rent a recumbent trike and I don't know how much they'd want for a three or four day bike trip.  I was thinking I could take the Rovers to pieces, put them in crates and ship them to my brother, but then I'd have to spend a day reassembling them, and I'd have to figure out a way to transport them to the trail, since I don't think I can rent a vehicle with a hitch, and I'd be bringing two kids along so a minivan with the back seats folded down would not work.  The logistics are quickly putting a damper on the idea. 

Perhaps I can keep them disassembled till I get to the trail?  I still have no idea how much they would cost to ship or if there is a better way to do this.


  • Wowsers!  I just called the local trike shop.  They said they recently shipped an ICE to someone in Atlanta, partially disassembled, and the shipping cost $700!  Ouch!  I could almost buy another Rover for that!
  • The bike shop must have done something wrong.  Terratrike charges $199 to ship a fully assembled bike to your door.  This is going to require more research!
  •   TerraTrike is also a company that utilizes a certain shipper, they get discounts. But a 3rd party shipper would require careful (?) handling and insurance should something go wrong.

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  • A shop here in northern Michigan rents Rovers for $40 daily as an example.
  • @jeffacme That site is awesome, thanks.

    I know it's not an exact match but I selected the recumbent thinking I could probably disassemble the Rover enough to fit into the same size package, and it came out to $98 one way.  That's not unreasonable for what I'm hoping to do.   I'm thinking I could remove the wheels, the seat, and disconnect the rear boom laying over the front boom, then put everything into a box or homemade crate. 
  • The next dilemma, is how do I get the two trikes and two kids and two kids bikes, and a bike trailer from the airport to the bike trail.
  • Not a cheap solution, but I spoke with .  They said I can ship them the trikes (Via bikeflights) and for $350 a person they will provide a self guided tour support package- they will take our luggage from hotel to hotel on the route, then pick up us and our trikes in Key West and bring us back to the shop where I can once again disassemble the trikes and pack them up to get them shipped home.  $700 for the two of us to ride that route is a bit high but not having to pedal back or carry our own luggage might make it worth while.  For $500 per adult they said they would take care of us and our kids ($1000 for two adults and two kids).  They could take our kids in their bike van for the longer stretches where we are riding next to traffic.  This would include meals and support all along the way.  (about 20 miles of that trail is dedicated bike lane along the side of the highway).  I would never leave my kids with a stranger, but I'll bet my wife would welcome a break on those stretches and go with the kids in the van.  Something to think about since I'm already planning to be in Florida to visit family.  In reality I will probably leave the kids with relatives as that's a long trek for them.

    I think there has to be a way to do it for less though.
  • TCEd might have the cheapest solution. Compared to the price of shipping your own trikes - you should be better off renting trikes when you get there. Honestly. . . compared to the shipping prices listed, you could buy trikes when you get there and either return them or leave them with someone to sell on Craigslist for you.
    If you rent a car down there, consider one with a hitch and rent a small u-haul trailer. I don't plan on traveling with my trike - but that's what I would do if I did.
    Safe travels!
  • Good idea!  There are a ton of trike shops in Miami.  Go on Facebook to South Florida Recumbent Riders and ask them for help.  They are a very friendly group.
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