Why Do Bicyclists Get Hit By Cars?

Because they do stupid things!  

I was at an intersection today in my SUV waiting for a light.  The road ends at the intersection and two lanes turn left.  I was in the right lane but turning left.  The light changed and the large truck to my left did not move.  When I did, I found a bicyclist in front of him.  The guy crossed against the light and we were all supposed to wait for him.  I didn't even see him and bet the car behind me didn't either.

We cannot complain about drivers if we don't follow the rules of road, also.  It takes everyone working together to keep us safe on the roads!


  • Fully agree
  • I trust no one. I have ridden in roads
    with my upright. If I approach a side street, and I am on sidewalk, and there is a car turning left in front of me, I try to see there eyes. If I am not seen I go behind that car. Trikes I won't trust drivers for a long time. Bike baths for me. Fortunately here in MI, we have a lot of great rails to trails.
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    Yep, people do stupid stuff. MAKE YOURSELF SEEN. be it on a bike, a trike or Motor Cycle, make yourself seen by drivers of automobiles and FOLLOW (obey) the rules of traffic. BE PAITENT, wait your turn.. Make sure they KNOW you are crossing in front of them before you go, or they might just run you over... USE common sense. I see both drivers and riders making mistakes that will get someone killed.. and for Heavens sake, PUT DOWN that dang cell phone! I swear the next one that nearly runs me over, if I can catch up to them, I will reach in take the phone and THROW it as far as I can..
  • It's funny but I feel safer riding on roads in my new neighborhood with 20-25 mph speed limits than I ever did down in southwest Florida on designated bike paths that crossed roads. Bikes always had the right of way but drivers did not look for them and stop.
  • I have good friends who were hit by a pickup in late January while riding their recumbent tandem on a rural road in Michigan. While Shelly did not survive and Rick has no memory of what happened, they were the safest bicyclists I ever knew. And this week I heard about a bicyclist who sustained a broken neck when a deer hit him while riding a bike trail! Tragedy can hit anyone at any time. It is imperative that we all remain vigilant at all times while riding. And macwildstar is 100% on target with his comments above!
  • Remember the person that hit and killed a group of bike riders in Kalamazoo last year ? or the lady that was hit and run in downtown Traverse City a few years ago during Cherry Festival ? The driver has never been found.
    or the lady triathlon rider hit and killed last year around A2 ?
    Sadly this happens far to frequent.
  • Trikebirder, so sorry about your friends. That is a true tragedy!

    It sounds to me like there are many, many more bikes in Michigan and drivers are growing weary of them. Time to invest some tax dollars in a great trail system throughout the state to keep the riders safe. Charging a fee to use the trails will help to keep them maintained.
  • Michigan currently has more bike/mup trails then all other states.
  • Yup. #1 in Rails to Trails conversion AND regular trails. If you're willing to drive around the state, you can hit some of the most beautiful places (via trails) you never knew existed.
  • It would be great if someone who has ridden some of Michigan's trails by these most beautiful places would start a NEW link with some of their favorite trails and why they are favorites... Just say'n.
  • It would be great if someone who has ridden some of Michigan's trails by these most beautiful places would start a NEW link with some of their favorite trails and why they are favorites... Just say'n.

    Since you live in MIchigan

    everything about all the trails in and around Traverse City and Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore.
  • Mitrails.org. they also have a yearly trail review magazine that's $8 in just about every bike shop in the state
  • Yea, yea, I have the Trails book. What I want is reviews from people I have an online relationship with... You know, all of you guys... and gals.
  • I do the Saginaw Valley Rail Trail a lot. Love it. There's one east of that (goes through Otter Lake) that's great too.
    Macomb Orchard Trail is excellent and flat, and is a great chance to do a 50+ mile day (Cider mill about 8 miles in from the south end is accessible from the trail and makes a great cider slushy).
    Livingston State Park trail is a 10 foot wide state park running from Stockbridge to Hamburg and goes through Gregory, Hell, Pinckney as well. 26 miles each way. Zuckey Lake Tavern is along the trail and a great place to load up on caffeine or something cooler. My wife and I stick to the Pinckney <-> Hamburg section because it is paved. Parts east of Pinckney are crushed limestone and eventually, in Stockbridge, dirt.
    Stay away from South Lyon trail - bumpy and not well kept.
    Kensington Park is a great ride - 9 miles around the lake, somewhat hilly but nothing that'll kill you.
    The trail in Portland, MI is beautiful and makes for a really nice afternoon. The gates at road crossings are a bit tight - they bumped my mirrors a bit, but no damage.
    There are plenty of trails in Lansing. My wife and I stick to the ones around/near Mason (south of MSU campus), as some of those to the west of MSU run through neighborhoods I wouldn't want to parade a $3000 trike through.
    My wife has ridden many more of the SE MI trails than I have, as she's determined to hit every single trail in the mitrails.org book and has already exceeded 1000 miles for 2017.

    Does any of that help?
  • Oh, and the Huron River Trail is great - we rode it from Milford to Wixom and back last weekend.

    Also, the Ann Arbor Border to Border trail is a blast, but it has plenty of hill climbs to test your knees.

    I think my absolute favorite is the Dexter Border to Border trail. Start at Hudson Mills Metropark along North Territorial Rd., ride into Dexter, load up on coffee at the little coffee shop OR beer at Aubrey's, then ride back. Extend your ride as many miles as you want by circling the golf course
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    Thanks again, this is great!
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  • I forgot to mention - Huron River Trail. Park at the Lowe's just off I96 at the Kent Rd. exit. The trail is right behind/past the car dealership across the street.
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