Shimano Nexxus hub

How old might. Rover be that looks silver in color and has the Shimano hub? I really want a NuVinci and wondered the difficulty might be in switching the hubs out?? Thanks.


  • I put a n360 on the wifes rover was not very hard the bigist prob was routing the cables got mine from utah cycles. If you go that way just watch the youtubes about install
  • didnt have the chain tensioner at first only added it so I can adjust the boom when I let people try the trike I have people asking all the time since the 360 is even rarer then trikes
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      Would like to ride a N360 one of these days. Have been curious of them as their owners like the N330 to NN360 series.

      From what I've read, N380's heat up to the point of near seizure if taking any hills due to massive heat buildup.

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  • My trike is held together with allen's. It seems lighter than my wife's 2016 Rover. It's fast. Makes a lil noise shifting. Big deal, for now. Tires are some China brand. May swap those and tubes out. Fits under my Under-
    cover cap on the F150 up to the handlebars. One question though. When I put a back rack on this Rover,
    should I put these locking seat pins at the top of seat tubes, so rack and seat can be collapsed to continue to us the truck as a transport?? Thanks
  • AZThanks- watched some videos about mounting a hub. Not for a TT however.
    Did u reuse old spokes? Is it advisable?
  • Mine was a complete wheel made by Utah cycles the shifter was already connected I did have to change the angle the cables came out by 90 degrees since it was set up for a bike. didnt mind that because I now have a spare wheel assy if something bad happened. Dont think you could use the same spokes again as the Nuvinci is bigger than most other hubs 
  • I don't think the old spokes would work unless you did a different pattern for lacing them. Hubs vary in diameter, and the spokes for one hub probably won't work for a different one, unless the hub is the exact same measurement.

    Very few internal hubs are even close. There can be as much as 25mm difference.
  • I'm new to this triking and the hubs. NuVinci is quieter than the Nexus. But
    if they are havin issues with the 380, I can wait til August to see if it is
    solved. Wife's is the 330. How has the Nexus been for life expectancy?
    Supposedly no maintenance on this, correct?
  • dunno about nuvinci issues. its a relatively new product with not many people putting miles on them yet. me - i would spend a year or so searching on nuvinci and trikes to see what's up, maybe see what the electric trike folks - likely to place abnormal stress on them - have to say.

    nexus noise is puzzling. ran one on the first rover, got em om the current rover and rambler. all i hear is low tire noise and maybe a tad of slither from the chaintubes. definitely quieter than the derailleur on the delta.

    you might want to check your frame and tierod to see if you have chainrub. another possible - raise the rear wheel off the ground, pull the chain slowly and see if you have any stiff links going over the sprockets. slack chain could also be noisy - lift the lower chain with a screwdriver or such and if it rises an inch or more you should reposition boom or rear wheel.

    we were all new guys once upon. trikes are a learning experience - keep the faith and enjoy!
  • If you hear a lot of "clunking" from a Nexus, then the cable is likely out of adjustment. (Cables do stretch, even the supposedly "pre-stretched" ones.)   There's a little window on the hub that shows you 2 yellow lines (might be red, too.)  To adjust the cable correctly, you shift to 8th, then go back down to 4th, then line up the lines by adjusting the cable adjustment nut on the shifter. Most (if not all) noise should just go away then. You might still get some clunking if you shift while you are putting power to the pedal and shifting. It's always a good idea to ease up a bit as you shift.

    For those of us with motors, there is a shifting sensor (at least for the Bafang motors) that senses the cable moving. It momentarily cuts the motor's power. These sensors attach to the brake inputs on the motor (or on Lunacycle's modified motors to a special plug they have had put on.) It feeds the brake signal back into the motor. They now make a "Y" cable for this sensor, so you can still have both brakes feeding the motor too. There are sensors for both internal hubs and derailleur systems.   

    I have the kit (both the internal hub sensor and the "Y") but haven't put this on yet. I want to get a longer cable and new cable housing first. And just haven't had time to mess with it. The shifting cable goes through the sensor, replacing about 1/2" or so of the cable housing. And I want to make darned sure I replace the part of the housing that has already had some damage done. (The end that fits into the shifter is frayed a bit from knees bumping it.)

    Try this adjustment and see if the noise doesn't reduce a bit.  Checking this window should become a part of your pre-ride checks. just as you check tire pressures, mirrors, etc.
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