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  • Yeah, it's definitely sexy in frame design. 300 load limitation.

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  • Android and Mac iOS apps are now available for the E.V.O.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • **sniff** I need a #400 limit, or at least a #350.
    Dang it TT, even us fat boys need some help up the hills! Or should I say ESPECIALLY is fat boys need help up the hill?
  • The more weight you have, the harder it is to start off. That's the hardest part for me. Once I get some speed, no problem making it up hills.
  • There was a person at the hill climb challenge at Rider Fest who had an electric assist and the battery died on the was up.
  • What's the latest, Mr. @chonk ?
    Snow/ice kits for trikes??

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  • "Plus we've made our heel retention straps standard on all new trikes to combat leg suck and to hopefully pull the rest of the industry along in doing the same.

    Where does one acquire these? I have a set on the stoker pedals but when I tried to order additional from TT online was advised they're no longer available.
  • That's exactly what I ordered. Was told unavailable. Given the impression they were discontinued ?? I bought an "aircraft cable" product that seems very durable but is awkward to mount and requires tools to adjust. Adjustment requires multiple iterations.
    Will call TT tomorrow. I've received class service from them on other parts and accessories.
  • We've had other heel support type products in the past. Maybe they confused what you where asking for with one of those products. Ask for the "Comfort Pedal Conversion Kit".
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • Are there any seat warmer inserts available, for winter riding, that run off small (light-weight) power packs?

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  • I bought my "Comfort Pedal Conversion Kit" at Jack's in Dearborn. Used them for a few months, switched to SPDs.
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    Finally got around to getting a rack for a 20" wheel, although got a Tern. Then ordered a pair of Adventure Panniers yesterday to make use of rack, putting the essentials in those panniers. Should be set for pack storage.

    Will have to get a TT branded flag one of these days so I can show-up @Lilypad on parades. Wished could just order the flag end then glue it to what flag posts I use - which are heavier duty.

    And upgraded to platform clipless pedals, since they give more foot support than egg beater types. However, had noticed that I pedal at a faster pace at night than in the day time, yet it seems easier at night? And my speed seems to be 2 to 2.5 MPH more than in the daylight.

    Still looking for ideas on using the lower panels of the the Low Rider Rack.


    Have not had time to install the new Tern rack yet. And it's been in the 100's+ here in Idaho. (Blek)

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    Say, when is TerraTrike going to have another Scavenger Hunt? Since buying the Rover I've not seen another one of these fun contests ... and I so wished I could of gotten the Dalai Lama to of endorsed TerraTrike ... I tried. Since then I deleted the Twitter account.

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  • That list was insanity!! :D


    Photo of celebrity on a TerraTrike - 100 Points
    Video testimonial from celebrity on TerraTrike - 216 Points
    Photo of TerraTrike with National Monument - 20 Points
    Get TerraTrike on national TV or movie - 500 Points
    Get TerraTrike on regional TV - 100 Points
    Get a real TerraTrike logo tattoo - 300 Points
    Send us a snowglobe with your cities name on it - 82 Points
    Upload a video featuring TerraTrike that gets 10K+ views - 160 Points
    Visit a dealer and test ride a TerraTrike - 20 Points
    Visit a dealer with at least 5 friends and test ride TerraTrikes - 40 Points
    Visit a dealer with at least 10 friends and test ride TerraTrikes - 100 Points
    Spend at least 5 hours contributing to a charity using your TerraTrike - 99 Points
    Make a funny video on why you need a TerraTrike - 51 Points
    Visit our showroom - Variable Points
    Write and record a song about TerraTrike - 50 Points
    Video of you dancing to the above song - 30 Points
    Get the TerraTrike logo and url on a jumbo-tron at a major sporting event - 83 Points
    Paint the TerraTrike logo and url on your car - leave on for a week - 47 Points
    Create and install bike trail signs featuring TerraTrike (and your local TT dealer) - 67 Points
    Get a friend to buy a TerraTrike - 51 Points
    Create a wikipedia page for TerraTrike - 62 Points
    Get a celebrity to tweet about TerraTrike - 200 Points
    Tweet for 10 consecutive days about benefits of TerraTrike to Dr. Oz - 35 Points
    Create a FaceBook post about TerraTrike and get it shared 50 times - 35 Points
    Send us treats decorated with the TerraTrike logo - 42 Points
    Follow us on Twitter - 5 Points
    Like us on Facebook - 5 Points
    Convince a shop to become a TerraTrike dealer - 135 Points
    Bring treats into a TerraTrike dealer - 47 Points
    Anything flash mob featuring TerraTrikes or our logo - 70 Points
    Photo of yourself planking on a TerraTrike - 18 Points
    Take your drivers license picture featuring the TerraTrike logo - 78 Points
    Shave 'TerraTrike' into body hair - 63 Points
    Paint TerraTrike and url in the dirt of an unwashed car - 7 Points
    Bowl a 100+ game and get picture of overhead scorecard with your name as TerraTrike - 16 Points
    Chug a soda/beer and video yourself belching 'TerraTrike - Part of the Solution!' - 27 Points
    Get a TerraTrike Day enacted by your local government - 152 Points
    Photo of you balancing a TerraTrike on your head. - 41 Points
    Write a positive yelp review of your favorite TerraTrike dealer - 13 Points
    Ride your TerraTrike in a popular bike race - 31 Points
    Complete a triathalon using a TerraTrike - 87 Points
    Ride a trike in a 4th of July parade - 29 Points
    Pic of 'TerraTrike' written in sparkler light streaks - 17 Points
    Pic of three generations on trikes - 30 Points
    Pic of four generations on trikes - 45 Points
    Achieve a front page post on Reddit regarding TerraTrike somehow - 78 Points
    Pic on a TerraTrike in Antarctica - 99 Points
    Organize a trike group ride in your area - 42 Points
    Knit/crochet something with the TerraTrike logo on it - 34 Points
    Create a TerraTrike themed tumblr page - 14 Points
    Bake a pie with TerraTrike logo in the crust - 13 Points
    Enter that pie into a local fair or contest - 64 Points
    Pic of you eating a cronut on a TerraTrike - 16 Points
    Send us a box of cronuts - 48 Points
    Beadazzle a TerraTrike accessory - 26 Points
    Create a Flash / etc. computer or mobile game featuring TerraTrike - 75 Points
    Plant a flower bed that spells TerraTrike - 72 Points
    Trim TerraTrike logo into hedges / lawn - 65 Points
    Make a TerraTrike logo crop circle - 125 Points
    Get a Jones Soda label featuring a TerraTrike - 80 Points
    Send us a six pack of Jones Sodas with TerraTrike featured in label - 102 Points
    Create a TerraTrike exercise video / workout routine - 38 Points
    Write / illustrate a children's story featuring TerraTrike - 46 Points
    Write / illustrate a comic strip featuring TerraTrike - 46 Points
    Host a BBQ for local TerraTrike dealer staff and/or area riders - 150 Points
    Brand the TerraTrike logo into your cattle - 98 Points
    Paint a mural featuring TerraTrike - 102 Points
    Play in a bike/trike polo game with a terraTrike - 37 Points
    Photo of policeman or fireman on a trike in uniform - 26 Points
    Plant a tree - 22 Points
    Get on camera at the Today Show holding a sign with our URL on it - 96 Points
    Send 3 emails to magazine editors encouraging them to write article about TerraTrike - 19 Points
    Get 3 friends to sign up and accomplish at least 3 challenges - 24 Points
    Photo of 'TerraTrike' spelled out with alphabet soup letters in a spoon. - 13 Points
    Overhead photo of a group of people spelling out 'TerraTrike' with their bodies. - 24 Points

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  • I've been thinking of doing it again this fall
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
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    @chonk I was wondering if you have any info on the load limit of the "Angled Bracket for Water Bottle Cage" accessory? Just wanted to ask since I've started using it with a strapdown rack. 70dks2i96ne4.jpg
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    From the Blackburn website:

    Mounts to 2 standard bottle cage bosses
    Three sets of mounting holes to fit different size frames
    6mm alloy tube construction
    4kgs/8.8lbs carrying capacity
    164g w/ straps
  • What is your question? Does it work? Yes. Is it worth the money? Yes. I don't use mine anymore because I bought the dual cup holder from Terracycle. Riding with my dog, I need two bottles of water.
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    YamiYuki wrote: »
    @chonk I was wondering if you have any info on the load limit of the "Angled Bracket for Water Bottle Cage" accessory? Just wanted to ask since I've started using it with a strapdown rack. 70dks2i96ne4.jpg
    Sorry for the repeat, it appears to be required for some people.
  • Excuse me for trying to help you figure out the load limit for a water bottle holder. You did show a link to the Blackburn holder.
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    Is a strange thing about drink holders. Had gotten a pair of aluminum ones from the LBS... they seem to rattle more even though the screws are tight in the Versa bars. Also have noticed the aluminum bars bend far too easily, so after a while the water bottles start rattling in their cages.

    Now get this, have a Rhode Gear cage I have strapped onto a Powers post. It does not give way, it holds a taller capacity water bottle - amongst other things. This Rhode Gear water bottle cage was bought in 1990. Not once had an issue with it rattling, or bending under the weight of a common water bottle. Wished I could acquire two more cages!


    YamiYuki wrote: »
    @chonk I was wondering if you have any info on the load limit of the "Angled Bracket for Water Bottle Cage" accessory? Just wanted to ask since I've started using it with a strapdown rack.

    Appears to me that @YamiYuki is asking how heavy duty the bracket is, and if it could could support said water bottle cage of choice. ;)

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  • That' what I thought and what I answered to.
  • Say, haven't seen a post by @PaulNM in some time. Anyone know if he's okay?!?

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