What's these mounting areas underneath use for?

edited May 2017 in Rover
Swapped tires on the Rover today from Road Cruisers to Marathon Plus due to an alignment issue. When it was flipped over had noticed that there was a serial number & bar code for the registration of the Rover that I had not noticed before... and makes me wonder why the bike shop I bought it from messed up on the serial number. /grin


While under there I noticed there were two mounting studs: (A) was brazed/welded on and (B) was embedded. Am guessing (B) was for a chain tube mount on the other side?? Which doesn't make sense. But what is (A)'s purpose? Idler mount??

Also, I removed the adjustment screws and made sure there was Loctite on the threads, which there were. I must of done that once, but I made sure there was today too. On the middle point there was maybe one thread with a slight tinge of brown there. So was guessing the braze-on (A) was a drain tube, but looks to be threaded.

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