Do you have a tape mesure ?

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I will like to know the exact spacing between the forks for the rear wheel . I will like to put an other wheel and i want to know if i have the needed width.

Thanks for your collaboration :D


  • The fork spacing widens from the main frame.
    At the axle, it is 5" and at the very front of the forks, 1-7/8"
    Right in front of the tire, it is 2-5/8"
    but a tire sidewall will hit the chain tube before it hit the fork at this point.
    At that point, you have 1-1/4" between the center of the tire tread and the chain tube,
    so a tire with a 2-1/2" width would just be rubbing the chain tube.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hi Moe

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me and congratulations for the accuracy of your measurements .

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