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Rover is BEAST with the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires on. Did 28 miles of the Weiser River Trail yesterday. Got sunburned though.
Was in 4th to 7th the most. Average speed 9.8 MPH, top speed was over 12 MPH.



  • Wider brim needed...;)
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    Forgot that one can get a sunburn with overcast skies... felt a few rain drops once in a while.

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  • We did 14.8 mi today on a path we haven't used in a few years. Sitting down makes it easier to go farther and we overdid it today. I've been an insulin
    dependent diabetic for 40 years now, and I felt a bit different on the return
    trip to the truck. Maybe on an upright I would have felt the sugar fall. We stopped along the way every now and then. We averaged 5.9 mph on the way
    back. But we had stretches where we were at 20. With a tailwind. We will be hurting in the am!
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    Watch yourself. My blood sugar drops significantly when I go more than about 5 miles and I'm only prediabetic. I get tingling in my feet then I have trouble keeping them on the peddles. Unless you have a insulin pump, make sure you have snacks or drinks to bring the sugar back up.
  • I had snacks with. My meter and dope was in the truck. Now I will
    strap it to the rack when I ride. If my legs let me today it will only be 10 miles
    and I pit stop at the midpoint. I want a two foot straw so I can drink n
    drive without removing my copper container from holder. It is a tight fit.
  • So you're saying that the Marathons have less rolling resistance than the default CST tires?
  • Wouldn't you think so with the higher
    pressure? Plus she is lighter than I, for the moment anyway. I will ride more this summer.
  • the high-end sportster with 145 psi schwalbe ones does even better, would think, but at a price of increasing jolts to the spine. for the money, stock cst tires ride pretty good for this slow old folk. much better and considerably flat-proof, kenda flames at same psi up front my experience.
  • Never had CST, only had Road Cruisers. I even went off trail and was beating the brush and going down the side of a slope on the Rawrver.

    Wonder what the physical differences are in height, width, and other dimensions between the AT Rambler and Rover - that's minus the drive train.

    Would like the BB to be up higher. At times with the seat was lower.

    Had occasionally felt tundra under my heals when straddling the trail. Was really only two ways to ride; 2 wheels on the path commonly traveled with one wheel to ride the roughage, or 2 wheels straddling and the drive wheel in the center.
    In some spots I lost traction to either more loose gravel or soft debris, though that would happen right after I picked up some speed and .. ! .. slowed me down. Those were on the flats.

    Another item I'd like on the seats is a positioning cam. When the seat to pedals are adjusted, raising the seat shortens the distance, and leaning back gains more distance. If had a cam in there the seat would move back when raised up, and move forward when laid back - keeping one's seat to pedal positioning at a more constant distance.
    A similar cam could be offered as a Performance Option. ;)

    At one point the seat end was poking the underside right thigh that I raised the seat up one notch. That put more pressure on my right knee as the distance from seat to pedals was reduced. I didn't have a 1/2" wrench on me to undo the clamps so could re-position the seat.
    A cam would so reduce this issue. I much rather prefer to lay back more, but that seat bar was digging into my thigh earlier on with the rough terrain.

    I survived it, HAD LOTS OF FUN, and wished I could ride the trail every good day.

    Perhaps a knobbier rear wheel would of helped, but I wasn't slipping till I hit the muddy areas. That was rather fun actually. :D When I took off down the paved road I was zipping in no time. Caught up with the couple in front of me till I ran out of safe paved road where the highway came up - no shoulder to ride on. So went through the weeds to get back on the trail. THAT was fun too! :D


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  • @IdahoTrailLizard -

    not that we go romping through the brush, but having a rover with kenda flames up front, a maxxis maxxdaddy rear on a nexus-8 wheel rear, patterson crank up front fills all your wonderment quite adequately. about $700 for an all-terrain rover using a rover x-8 as basic platform.

    better climbing [fantastic, actually] foregoing the patterson and using the 22-tooth ring of a lasco 152mm crankset, less than $500 upgrade with the option of installing a post and derailleur for a very nice gear range.
  • Was crazy, was doing 12MPH down the trail in 7th gear. Kept having to tell myself to slow down to 5th gear and enjoy the ride.

    Once I hit the flats I was begging God for a stiff tailwind or some slope - as losing speed to loose gravel/duff was getting rather annoying.bp1jw0jhdzwn.jpg

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  • Don't have an image resizer installed on the laptop yet. Cloning a hard drive on PC which will probably take all evening. My apologies on the picture sizes.

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  • I rode 8 mi this pm and tried my Soho
    air cushion on the trike for the first time. Simply heaven. Rubber coating on base gripped seat nicely. It is a bit too big, front to back, but there are diff sizes if I remember correctly. Who needs suspension with this under the
  • LBS has a Kenda for $15 a tire. Not sure of the model. For that price, hmm.
  • Its a Roho brand air cushion. My bad.
  • cst operative 20x2.25 65 psi max look interesting but havent tried them yet. $12 at niagara cycle.
  • So much for keeping stuff on topic... had posted in the Rover area about trail riding with the Rover. No respect for keeping stuff on topic anymore.

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  • Slowly adding converted photos of the Weiser River Trail event. Is a long process...
    Did find out to hover mouse over the YouTube video, click the gear icon. Can change the resolution & playback speed - 2x the speed for a near time-lapse view.

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  • pretty country. That's somewhat typical of many compacted gravel MUP trails. No funding to maintain them once they're built.
  • Question: was the trip one way? If so, how did you get yourself and the Rover back to where you started? (Ride with GPS shows basically 89 miles... downhill! Now that's a trip I wouldn't mind taking!)
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    A group called "Friends of the Weiser River Trail" from which I'm a member hosts two ride events a year, and numerous runner/jogger events. There are even Wagon trains that use the trail, and more.

    Around June a person is given a choice to ride from New Meadows to Council (28 miles) or to Cambridge (49 miles). Mundo Hot Springs is along the way to Cambridge. We each pay for our selected event, and there is a sweeper team to make sure no one gets left behind.
    In Starkey there is a pitstop area. Can recharge your bodies, take a break, grab some food items that are provided. Then 10+ miles later there is lunch in Council. Past that riders are on their own.

    In October there is a 2 day event usually in October. The staff covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and overnight camping with the event fee. The first day stops at Mundo Hot Springs. And the second day ends at Weiser.

    So you pay a fee, meet at the starting point, and the staff transports the riders & their bikes/trikes to the event starting area. The rides are supported, sag wagon available for those that can't complete the trip for any reason, and a sweeper crew to be sure no one gets left behind. Get snacks and food for the event, and a t-shirt. :)

    Was told that Ron Hundahl at the Weiser River Trail RV park (Council, ID) offers shuttle rides for a fee. I plan on going back sometime this year too.

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    The trail from Strawberry Lane to Council was under 4 hours. Would of been close to 3 but was unfamiliar with some spots for having only been there once 4 years prior.
    At Fruitvale one can cut down the old highway to make for an easier ride for a bit, then cut back over to the bike trail since the highway is not safe to ride on.

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  • Seems those Kendas take only 35 psi.
    And Schwalbe's take ALOT more
    pressure? And my Trike carrier is done,
    so 1.75 wide tires are the biggest I can go.
  • Schwalbe can take more if you want to pressure them higher. Some run half the pressure when in loose terrain. One of the benefits of being under 250#.

    So us LARGE folk like tires that can take a lot of pressure to allow us to make it through a ride. Can honestly say that every tire I've had, along with being over 300#, the tires have slipped when under 50#. Slipping tires garrote valve stems.

    I'd enjoy taking a Rover back down that trail with 3 inch tires - if it were feasible to do so. :) Wasn't too many FAT MTB's going down the trail, and saw a few skinny tire MTB/Hybrids clipping along just fine.

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  • Today's ride felt different. Now that it is getting hot outside, like nearing 100° F I figured the tires would of increased their rolling resistance. But... these Marathon Plus tires felt more slipperier/agile on the road today. They seem to not be affected by the hot roads.
    Checked how the wear is doing, seems okay so far.

    On MTBs tires seemed to be more stickier to the road on hot pavement. Not these Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. They did feel soft when I was checking for thorns, but they seem to defy any other tire I've rode on.

    Now was booking it to church today, so was pushing harder and a gear higher. Since had to use the sidewalks I was almost flying down the sidewalk ramp exit, across the road, and flying up the next ramp to the next sidewalk, and was hugging the corner quite well.

    These tires are definitely BEAST!

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  • I shifted the tubes back yesterday while changing out to bushings. Let air out and took one side of tire off rim to be
    able to move tube stem to vertical. Has
    anyone rounded to hole edge on the rim? Might buy some time b4 it cuts.
  • I sanded the hole smoother on the rear, which is where the slide rip happened. When I finally switch out the front tires for new ones, I'll do those holes as well.
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