What is the best and cheapest way to trailer a terratrike? I have a 4 door sudan, any thoughts or unique ideas would be appreciated.



  • Happy to help. Which four-door sedan? Year? Automatic or Manual Transmission? Is it rated for towing at all? (look in the owners manual) Can you get a hitch for it?

    Have you looked at something like this? Rather than plywood, you might be able to finish the floor with slats from a pallet. Roofing supply stores give them away. This trailer is so small, you may have to extend the floor a bit to get the trike's front and rear wheels on, with the crank boom extending over the tongue toward the car. For $20 and about 20 pounds more weight, you can get a heavier duty version, with 12" vs 8" tires. I tried to give you a link but this site only allows one URL per message. Searching the Harbor Freight site for the word trailer will show more.

    If your car can handle it and you have the funding and parking for it, a 4' x 8' trailer will easily carry two Terra Trykes and is more practical for hauling a few sheets of drywall, etc.
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