Adjusting Gear Shifters

When I had longer cables installed on my Rover, the lbs put the cable for the shifters inside of the handlebar vertical pole and the brake cable to the outside. Remember, I have modified handlebars which are much higher and I can't see what gear I am in.

I want to move the cable to the other side of the vertical handlebar pole. Does the cable easily disconnect at the gear shifter or do I have to disconnect it at the gears. The first would be easy and the second would be very hard. Please let me know. Thanks!


  • simplest would be deciding it was time for new grips. slice and peel off the old, loosen and slide shifter and lever, position where desired.
  • As I was typing that I was thinking I could loosen the handlebars and turn them forward. That would give me enough cable to put them over the handles.

    You're always there to help, Jamesr. Thanks again!
  • glad to help ma'am. just be careful putting any pressure on the adjusters where the cables fit. the shimano plastic can crack and the brake lever aluminum bends far too easily.
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