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I have to replace the front wheel bearings (6804-2RS) on both wheels. The liner tube inside the wheel hub makes it impossible to tap or press out the bearings from the inside. Any suggestions? Thanx!


  • I have an interest in front bearings also. How does one go about repacking/greasing the wheel bearings? Could there be a video like Utah Trikes # 38 illustrating how to fix a front wheel flat?
  • Your best bet would be to take it to your LBS unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing. For specific instructions, give us a call or your LBS and a mechanic can walk you through it. Good luck!
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  • What is the cost of a set of bearings?
    What is the cost of a replacement wheel assembly?

    I have a 2006 Crusier. The right front wheel bearing has died (the inner bearing came apart). My local bike shop is backed up with repairs and he is not sure he won't end up damaging the hub getting the old bearing out. It might make sense (for me) to just replace the whole wheel. I believe I can get the brake rotor off the old wheel easily enough. And I can transfer the tire and tube easily.
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