Diameter of the bottom bracket on a Rover

Anyone know the diameter of the square-taper BB is for the Rover? I guess I need the diameter, but also the width of the BB. I'm not sure I need to replace it, but, I'm hearing a transient clicking sound from the front of the trike, and it's been getting louder, more 'sustained'. It started as a single click, then, went to two clicks, now it's up to 4 or 5... It sounds like ball-bearings clicking against each other.

It only occurs when I'm pedaling forward, never in reverse, and of course, when not pedaling. I've tried to make sure the sound is coming from the BB... but, when off the trike, no matter what gear the SA is in, pedaling by hand fails to make the sound. I've tried pressing down on the pedals when spinning them, trying to 'emulate' the pressure of my feet on them, but, still, no clicking sound.

If I do end up needing to replace the BB, wondering if it's cheaper for me to do it - having to purchase the specific tools needed to remove the old unit, or take it to my local lbs.

I purchased the Rover used, and have put about a 1000 miles on it in the last 8 months or so. Most riding is hilly, lots of ups and downs... sometimes, quite steep.


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    any lbs worth patronizing will have the bottom bracket and tools for sale.
    you will need an 8mm allen wrench to remove the crank bolts. easiest to slip the boom for chain slack before starting on the crankset. tie the chain to the frame and save aggravation.

    pull non-drive side first. sitting in front of the boom, looking at the seat, both bracket retainers unscrew with rotation pulling from the top toward you.


    just to keep things properly confused, bracket retainers loosen and tighten opposite directions of the same-side pedal.
  • Save some money and go to the hardware store and buy a set of metric allen wrenches. A bike shop will charge you triple.
  • Harbor Freight Tools has rediculously inexpensive allen wrenches on sale frequently. Fairly complete metric set for <$2!
  • In case anyone wants to know... I reached out directly to TT... The bottom Bracket on the Rover is 68 x 118...

    I have the allen wrenches needed, what I have to get is the tools that unscrew the BB... and another tool that basically pulls the crank off the tapered end.

    Amazon has the tools for cheap - seems Park tools wants quite a bit for the same set of tools.

    I checked with my local lbs... $45 for just the service, not including the BB.

    TT wants $12.95 for the BB. So, as long as it doesn't totally freeze up, will get the BB from TT and the pair of tools from Amazon.
  • Thanks! :)

    Is good to have these hidden specs. Wished TT would sell or let us download a Technician's Specifications & Maintenance Manual as opposed to videos and stuff we share.

    ¬ ITL
  • Got a Park crank puller on Amazon for < $10
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