Gently used 2013 TerraTrike Rover 8x Tandem for sale in Iowa - $1500.

Purchased new for $2400 in August of 2013 from Barr Cycle in Des Moines. Less than 400 miles on the original tires. Very good overall condition. Always stored indoors. Paint condition is excellent. All documentation, seat back tool bag and accessories to convert back to single rider included. Platform pedals for special needs riders available.
Located in the Iowa City area. Delivery available to a reasonable radius with finalized payment.
Photos available at Trike Rover Tandem


  • I know this is an old post, but is this bike still for sale?
  • this is a new post. Trike was first posted for sale 6/25/2017.
  • ok, sorry i say the 2013 and was thinking this is when it was posted.
  • Trike is still available.
  • What gear setup does this have? with the platform pedals, what would be the smallest sesame for the stoker?
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    Trike is geared with Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub. Front chain ring is a 34. Rear drive is an IPS setup. As far as the "stoker" I am assuming you are referring to the rear seated position and the minimum inseam length? (I'm not a bike tech by a long shot).
    There is a note on the invoice that says "set boom to 16 inches" if that helps. Otherwise I can easily measure any dimension that would you like or add pics of the platform pedals. We bought this for our youngest that has CP and who has graduated to larger single rider trike.
  • literature says 8 speed stock gear inches 24-75 overall ratio 100-325%
  • X-seam range adjustment from 29" to 47" with boom position adjustment from 11" to 18", so it looks like we currently have the boom out most the way.
  • That would be a decent deal at that price. I just bought a pro or I would have jumped on it.
  • I'm very interested in this as I'm planning on doing RAGBRAI in 2018 with a friend who is blind. I'm 6'1" and he's 5'10", do you think the size will fit us? Also, do you believe the gearing is adequate for riding 60-70 miles per day (my friend and I are both experienced riders)? I live in Ca, but my sister lives in Cedar Falls, and if I buy the trike she could pick it up in her van. Thanks, Scott
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    I'm 6' 4" and have adjusted both seats to accommodate me. As far as mileage goes, it really depends on what kind of shape you are in. We were able to get my 12' year old with CP his bicycling merit badge which involved a 60 mile ride and I promise you the front driver position was doing most of the work. Flat land is no problem. Big hills will challenge you, but when don't they? (If you haven't ridden RAGBRAI and think Iowa is flat, think again.) Two able bodied adults in good biking shape would have no problem.
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    That being said, I can see why serious cyclists upgrade the gearing on these. It's not the same as regular road bike, gearing wise. It is more of a cruiser, which I feel is more in the spirit of RAGBRAI. You're not gonna be one of the first ones to camp, but I bet you get more than your share of head turns. Try riding with a piece of pie on your lap on a regular bike! Rode it once in '82, experience of a lifetime. (Schwinn Continental II 25th Anniversary edition steel tank)
  • Thanks for the info, Jackson. I grew up in Osceola and Urbandale, so I'm very familiar with that deceptive Iowa landscape that appears pretty level until one is running or bicycling! My dad and younger sister did RAGBRAI back in the mid-90's, said it was a hoot. I'm doing it with my 3 nephews, and hopefully my buddy Gary who lost his sight due to radiation treatments for cancer. Back in the day we rode all over California, pounded out thousands of miles along the way...would be great to do a few hundred more with him! I left him a phone message, waiting to hear what he thinks about your Terra Trike...cheers ;)
  • Is this tandem still for sale? Thanks
  • Yes, trike is still available.
  • My e-mail is and I am interested in the tandem if it is still for sale. Eric
  • Tandem is sold. Thanks to all that expressed interest.
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