Steering bushings

I was able to look up some bushings for a Rover. What I found inside mine
were flat washers, not a sleeve. It was
fabricated in 2013. Inside the 'housing'
it was 'recessed' away from steering 'shaft/pin'. Might this bushing offered
today work in my Rover? I have
loosened the top hex bolt to make it turn easier. Still doesn't match my wife's 2016 model. Help.


  • Pick up the phone and dial 800-945-9910

    ¬ ITL
  • Should the bushing turn when you turn the trike? Bushing should wear over time and become easier to turn.
  • Left word at TT. Could the tie rod ends do this?? Didn't grease those when I
    greased the bushings before.
  • I noticed some play when I push on
    the steering arms, maybe 1/8" play. I assume this is wear in the bushings.
    Could this be the culprit?
  • Finn58,
    Slow down, make a list and call TerraTrike.
  • Or take to a qualified dealer.

    ¬ ITL
  • Ordered 4 bushings. Though I was told
    by the second owner that this one had only 20 hours on it.
  • Missed TT's call back. I'll try them in am. Called dealer in Holland. Talked to John. He thought bushings are the culprit.
  • I wonder if you managed to change the bushings in your Rover, and if so, was it easy to do?
  • Yes. Haven't changed them, but greased the king pin area. Simple.

    ¬ ITL
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