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I have just bought a new Rambler. I notice that the Microshift front shifter mechanism has four click positions while there are three chain rings. Thus shifting to the middle gear is awkward and adjustment is problematical. Anyone know what to do?


  • makes you scratch head - i have an sram shifter marked 1-2-3 with 8 detents. could be 2 clicks on yours will do the job, black out the extra number with a maigic marker.

    possible cable stretch causing not so good shifting, possible dealer improper setup. in such light, do check your toe-in before further riding, check for downhill steering squirrel.

    lot of mix and match on trikes. check both shifter and derailleur maker for specific product documentation. failing any useful information, park tools site help section is a good place for adjustment procedures.
  • Triple chainrings are often thought to be difficult to setup but the reality is they really are easy if you remember just a couple things. The outer and inner rings are set by the stops on the front derailleur the middle is set by cable tension. If the middle ring is not as crisp as the inner and outer just adjust the barrel tensioner on the shifter a bit and see if the problem gets better or worse then adjust accordingly till you get the best setting.
  • I had a similar problem with mine - very sloppy shifting, hopping down from large to small chainring with one click, going up from small to large often took 3 clicks up, then 1 down to get it to shift.
    You will find that your shifter actually has 5 detents from one end to the other. Loosen the cable and try it. You only feel 4 because of the way the stops are set on the derailleur.
    If you have the confidence and the tools you can fix this. Otherwise, take it back to the lbs and insist they do. In my case the derailleur was set too high. With the cable slack, loosen the bolt on the clamp ring and slide it down, then retighten. According to MicroShift, the space between the shift cage and the chainring should be 1-3 mm. Mine was more like 7 mm. Try to get as close to 1 mm as you can and tighten it up.
    With the cable still loose, adjust the inner and outer stops so the shift cage is about centered over the inner and outer chainring. To adjust the outer stop you will have to push the derailleur cage out with one hand and adjust the screw with the other.
    Set the shifter on low, pull out all the slack in the cable and tighten it up. Then adjust the little barrel on the end of the shifter to take out the rest of the slack.
    You will find, when adjusted right, your shifter will go down one gear with each click, but will take 2 short clicks or one long click (a reach for my thumbs, I'm trying to get used to 1 click down, 2 clicks up). It's weird, but seems to be how these shifters work.

    Hope this helps.
  • number of clicks with a stepped system depends on the shifter. some are 1:1, others 2:1
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