Schwalbe Marathon tires

One reviewer didn't give it 5 stars saying no wonder it's puncture resistant, it's really thick and heavy.
How heavy are these tires?


  • I had a set and don't think they're heavy enough to make a difference to the average rider. Keep them inflated, they take higher pressure to work correctly.
  • I meant the Plus if that's what they are
    called. 41% off again on two sites. Wife's trike came with Road Cruisers,
    and that may be what I'm leaning toward. 70 psi if I remember correctly.
  • They are heavier than normal tires cause they have a thicker puncture protection area. Also these tires are double side-walled for e-bikes and are certified.
    Go to Schwalbe's web site and look at the specifications and photos.

    Ratings are like a grain of salt.

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    Marathon Plus HS 440


    Schwalbe’s best selling model. The most puncture resistant pneumatic tire there is. In addition to the superior puncture protection it features many inner values:

    Rolling resistance. The patented, 5 mm thick SmartGuard layer, when compared to all generic products, has a significant advantage in rolling resistance.

    „Anti-aging“ side wall. It now lasts much longer before developing unsightly cracks when subjected to use with too low air pressure.

    The main sizes are approved and tested for E-bikes up to 50 km/h. The following sizes carry the ECE-R75 mark: 47-406, 47-559, 40-584, 37-622, 40-622, 47-622.

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  • Think you're splitting hairs when considering tire weight. It isn't that significant.
  • Don't think they'd sell if they were 5 lbs each
  • FINN58 wrote: »
    Don't think they'd sell if they were 5 lbs each

    could fill them with helium
  • For the guys worried about weight, every gram counts. But those guys are riding carbon fiber DF bikes. We are riding trikes, which are significantly heavier than even a DF aluminum or magnesium frame.

    Weight isn't an issue on a trike, IMO. And if you are that worried about it on a trike, eat a couple less donuts in the morning...
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    Would of liked a wider rear tire in some conditions without adding more road resistance or increased height, whilst also having the ability of higher pressures when needed, and offering more traction when not on paved surfaces. Keeping them as bullet-proof as these tires are & without slippage on the rim due to maximum payload.

    Sadly we lack the technology to transform tire tread at the push of a button. Though there are times I wished phasers were real... there would be A LOT LESS goatheads then!

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  • Sounds like you should check out Schwalbe Big Apples. As I understand it, they offer the goat-head resistant Kevlar liner, wide pressure range, allowing just relatively thin center road contact when filled near max, and good relatively wide tread contact (and a cushier ride over small bumps) when pressure filled near its minimum range. No personal experience though.
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