low rider rack installed

ordered on a sunday, received friday morning. a nice piece of work!

the tray portion can seat a pair of 12-volt 18 Amp-hour lead-acid batteries if one is so inclined although 14-16 Ah would probably be the perfect fit. folks interested in riding at night would have no problem powering 12-volt motorcycle lights and turn signals with a gel-cell or two.

on a rover, might be easiest to install the forward bracket snug against the chainstay weld for a trial fit of the rack. it rides a bit low for my taste - i have to plow through standing water when it gets serious rainy here. the nexus-8 keeps the chain 8 inches above the road surface and if one were to mount the low-rider upside down, so would its load.

as it turns out, a terratrike grocery pannier hung at the top of the inverted rack will have same clearance as if mounted on the standard cargo rack. the shelf can serve as a fairly secure area for toting a tool pouch and pump or tool box. if using both inverted low-rider and cargo rack you can tote 4 grocery panniers above axle height - significantly cheaper than going the cargo monster route or hauling a trailer.

despite the disclaimer, looks like derailleur users will not have a chainline problem with the inverted rack. will have the rover configured as an x-8 in a few days for road testing. will be installing 1/4 threaded rod in the front and rear of the low-rider frame to stiffen the side rails.

terratrike done good with this jewel.


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    Wonder why the cheap swivel on the chain tube bracket arm?

    Haven't begun to install yet. Only attached the pieces loosely together to see how it all will fit. Will probably use tape inside the metal lower clamp so as to protect the paint on the boom. Will see how much clearance is there as could use some wool felt glued in there.

    ¬ ITL
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