New rims for Higher pressure tires?

My wife has black rims on her 2016. Mine are silver with 40 psi tires. Am
I going to need new rims for a
Schwalbe tire, 70-100 psi? Or just
some black Krylon? :)


  • And this year, the Rover models are equipped with the 40 psi tire again. How many years were the Schwalbes
    offered? 3?
  • Low pressure tires for a 450# payload trike?!? Yikes!

    ¬ ITL
  • black Krylon time.

    one thing that stands out about trike capacity and rover stock rims with cst tires is the lack of howls of anguish.

    people vent on this forum [toe-in, seat-slip, and igh adjustment being popular] but nary a word about taco wheels or pinch-flats running 40 psi cst tires. same, no noise about higher pressure tires bothering the rims.

    if one wishes a harsher ride, marathons are a good choice. big apples at max pressure the same [ymmv]. i lowered the big apples to cst max pressure for the cushy ride and learned about pinch flats along the way.

    over the years, various schwalbes, kendas, specialized, scorcher tires. kenda flames [20x3.0] very nice for cross country at 40 psi max but the humble cst feels as good on pavement. rover at the moment has cst up front and a 40 psi knobby rear for those wet grass times.

    rover, my humble, comes nicely fitted with single-walls and cst.
  • Now that TerraTrike is a Schwalbe tire dealer, I believe that once any remaining cst tire stock is gone, they plan on switching entirely to Schwalbe tires for all models!? In fact, all TT models with the sole exception of the Rover, are listed in TT specifications as coming with Schwalbe tires. And the last two new Rover's I saw sold at the lbs came with Schwalbe tires, so remaining cst stock may already be gone. Sorry JamesR...
  • I just was surprised to see those tires on the new Rover listed on the website.
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