Rambler Rear Tire is not 90 Degrees to the Ground

Has anyone else noticed there rear tire is noticeably out of square?
With a 24" rear tire on my rambler the top is 3/4 of a inch out of square.
Is it possible to "tweak" the rear tube to realign the rear tire?


  • My LBS squared mine up for me. My LBS has a great tech that I trust more then any other.
  • what do you mean by out of square? Is the wheel not centered in the dropouts? If the rim appears to be straight and there is a blip in the tire itself most likely it is not seated properly and you should not ride until it is fixed as improperly seated tires can blow off the rim and cause you to crash.
  • My back wheel was not true and the back was skewed just a touch.
  • with the vertical dropouts of the rambler, if the axles are seated and the wheel is not vertical it is probably out of true.

    hike the rear wheel. arrange some sort of pointer about 1/4 inch from the rim, spin the wheel and see if you have any sideways rim play relative to the pointer.

    this type of thing is often a problem with low mileage trikes. as you ride a new trike, the spokes tend to seat [may cause a pinging sound] changing spoke tension and pulling the wheel out of true.
  • Agree on the spokes issue. Been there.

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  • It's not the spokes, the entire wheel leans 3/4 of inch , was just wodering if it's possible to "tweak: one of the two arms up or down to get the wheel back 90 degrees to the ground
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    Sounds like one arm of the rear fork could be bent. That can be easily measured from the floor to the center of the axle. One side will be slightly longer. But this condition would require some fitness to fish, rubber mallet vs. Hammer.
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    I put the rear tube on a car jack stand and braced the front axle to beam...then tweaked the rear forks with a long curved prybar to get it back to 90 degrees
  • thanks everyone for the advice!!
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    Maybe it's the camera angle but your front tires look toe'd in and negative camber. Put that square up against them and see what it shows. Also check front alignment via tie rod adjustment if needed.
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