Hot Seat!

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On the ride home in this intense heatwave Idaho got, the underside of my posterior was getting might warm, and sweaty. Past having to put out lots of cash for a mesh seat, is there something else that can be done - cheaper - to alleviate the Pocket of Hades going on there?

Took 3 breaks on the way home. That was one HOT seat today!



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    yeah - ride on cooler days.

    motorcycles look to be cool and comfortable on warm summer days but stop at the first red light for a minute or two and break out into a decent sweat - pavement heat amounts to being in a slow-cooker.

    you might have relief with aluminum foil on the underside of the seat to reflect the heat.
  • Not to mention the rising heat from the engine between and below the legs when stopped on a motorcycle. >:)
  • I ride in heat all the time. I just wear cotton and don't seem to have a problem. My bottom gets no hotter than the rest of me.
  • Take a towel and second shirt with you.
    I am prob going to get a mesh seat from corporate, the better juan, and they are mid $70's. It's not bad. Cheaper than that lower bracket.
  • I have the mesh seat but doubt it would be significantly cooler with the conditions you're riding in. Hot day, hot larger body, hot road surface = Hot seat.
  • I can't say I disagree with TCEd's analysis, but purchasing and using a cheap mesh car-seat (~ <$20) should improve, at least marginally, the heat issue IdahoTrailLizard is experiencing.
  • Aye, was looking online for a wire mesh seat if they still existed.

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  • I can say... the mesh seat really makes a difference! I purchased it more for the fact that rain won't collect in the seat position than for the mesh aspect... but have noticed that I'm not sweating near as much on long rides as I did with the original canvas fabric.

    I do wish though, that TT would change the way it's fastened to the seat bars... do away with the plastic clasps... really need seat buckles... I've already had one of the plastic catches fail... and no real way to repair it.
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    That answers my other question then, if the newer seat mesh used metal buckles. Had one plastic one pull through and warp cause of the heat. Was able to get it back in but it cannot be cinched back up tight afterwards.

    Are there aftermarket metal buckle replacements available that can be slipped on with a slit or nut/bolt to replace the finicky or broken plastic/nylon buckles?

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    Mom had these red and white checkered seat cushions laying around for wooden chairs. Took one that wasn't quite so puffy, had been abused, & put on Rover's seat.
    Wow! What a difference! No more hot seat. Contemplating stuffing another down between the mesh for the back to see if it helps the shoulders & back next.

    Looks a lot like this, but more squashed.

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  • I replaced my original Rover seat cover with the mesh one several years ago. Get's really hot and humid in Atlanta, GA, and the mesh set made a big difference. It is not listed on the Terratrike website anymore, so i called them and they said it could be ordered from either a Terratrike dealer or calling the 800 number. It is about $55.
  • ITLizard, the only problem I have with the cushion, is that it makes me sit even higher on the seat. I've tried a gel cushion, similar to what my brother's Rand recumbent bike has--though it's designed for the bike, whereas I'm using one from an office chair. But it too, has the same problem--makes me sit higher, like an inch or so. I'm 6'4", 300lbs... really want to sit lower not higher!

    I really tried using it to alleviate the problem with the seat seam digging into my thigh. I switched to the mesh seat to have it breath better, but it too has the same seam digging issue as the canvas one.

    Not sure there's a good way to fix the problem due to the design of the seat itself, the mesh/canvas fabric has a pocket that slides over the end of the seat frame. It has to be strong, in order to hold a #400 lb rider... so, the seam has to be reinforced. I currently have a piece of foam rubber zip-tied, sort-of over the corner of the frame, but it keeps wearing out. When it wears out (falls off), I really notice it!
  • Had thought about using a pin setter tool (or something) to mash down a small trench in the seat post ends along the top. That way the fold could have a place to set into as opposed to sticking up over the tube.

    For the lack of decent tools to hold the seat tube securely, and then to add the dip it's been nothing more than an idea.


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  • I was cooler on my return ride as I took
    off my hi vis vest and just had my button up the front short sleeve shirt. I cannot wear Tees the way I sweat. Can't get them off. I just need to find
    chartreuse button short sleeves. :*
  • I'm not sure I fully understand what you are experiencing (directly above), but I think I do. If so, then the trick I saw someone using on their TT, adding a TT seat wedge to BOTH ends of their seat, might help with the digging into your thighs, back, and/or shoulder.

    While my (earlier and elsewhere on the forum) suggestion of using a Ventisit very-breathable seat pad/cushion seemed to meet with scowls for fear of some bad (too scratchy) reviews (seemingly ignoring other's rave reviews). I've given it some additional thought, and I think it might give you the best of both worlds to slip a Ventisit pad beneath the TT mesh seat cover- either original, or the new Sportster version. This should give you decent cushioning, AND maximum breathability, without the scratchiness complained about by some Ventisit pad owners!
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    So is this newer mesh seat, the comfort one, actually that breathable? How durable is it? Can it take the weight of us larger riders?

    Comfort Padded Seat Mesh

    Considering one as this year is starting out to get too warm for our liking. Not even a week of 70's and we're supposed to be the in the 80's & 90's before the weekend?!? Then rain, and God only knows what the screwy weather is going to bring us after that. But am thinking it is going to get warm, and am tired of sweaty bum.
    Anti-Monkey Butt Powder only does so much ya know.

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  • I note that on TT's new models (GT), they've extended the seat bars by an inch, curving down and away from the thighs. Too bad those seat frames and seat mesh won't work on their other models.
  • Next year. They’ll be standard equipment. On all NEW models. Makes me wonder, who has the oldest trike in this here forum?
  • 2014

    I would like a longer seat, front to back. I bought the new seat cover as my original one was showing lots of wear. I haven't ridden with it in the summer to see if it is cooler. But, I come home drenched in sweat anyway.
  • Problem is that those frames, SO FAR, can't be bought to fit on anything except the GT. Maybe when they start putting them on Rovers, we can buy the "Rover" version of the longer/downcurve frame and mesh.
  • So... how is this newer mesh seat for us larger folks?

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  • My butt seems to breath better. The side support is almost non-existent (I think our weight makes it into no more than paper thin), but the mesh is a bit stretchier so there's comfort in that. Same issues with the front seat bars, unless you are willing to leave it loose enough that the seems stay sideways instead of going vertical.
  • ROHO wheelchair air cushions. I used it in truck, on Trike, kayak and boat seat. U can change the pressure in it. Memory foam,like in shoe insoles, will collapse over time. For a seat pad to be made from same material is just ludicrous. Someone will be gullible they believe.
  • Thanks, Jonathan. So it is stretchier... hmm.

    Was it fun replacing the new comfort seat mesh? Any tips/tricks

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  • I used the flag or something similar to stretch the top end into place. Used as a leverage bar, flag pole will line up seat sleeves to seat frame much easier that trying to do it without. Guud luk.
  • Just think of the seat bars as the A and B of the triangle, with the mesh being the hypotenuse. Attach at top and bottom, then use the strapping to bring the mesh into the seat center.
    If you try to install the top and work your way down, you'll never get the cloth over the bottom bars, and vice versa.
  • Those straps...
    The outer most strap on the seat, per the original seat, has been a weak link for me.
    When I would go to cinch down on the strap it kept coming undone. When I sat down in the seat I would hear a small snap, and is how I found the buckle kept coming undone. Lost a wedge cause of that.

    Wished was a way to replace these nylon buckles with something stronger. That outer most strap I've had to tie down with a boot lace, looped through a few times. Has not come undone since. /devious grin

    Guess TT still uses that same buckles, and not something from a stronger material like metal?

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  • That would be easy. The problem is I don't know of any made of other materials. You could put a loop on one side and a strap on the other and see if that held tighter or put one of those clamps off of tie down straps.
  • Here is my Roho air cushion. You can zoom it on it to see detail better.
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    Got that seat cushion @Jrobiso2 suggested. Picked it up at a local UPS hub and rode home fine. It was actually more comfortable that the cushions I was using. No slippage either. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

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