Lightweight Tools

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Have been carrying a Leatherman Skeletool CX with 3 cards of bits with the Rover for some time now. Miss carrying the Charge TTi since it has way more tools and an awl, but am also cutting down on weight as much as possible.

A while back Leatherman bought out PocketToolX and I had carried the Piranha. Since then have carried the Piranha to work as it has no sharp edges but I can bust boxes down with it. Also makes for a good bike tool providing one can get a grip on the nut or bolt needed.
Those are getting harder to find, or original version with the 1/4" hex bit hole.

Had looked at this Mako Titanium bike tool, then put it on the back burner. While it has various closed end wrenches, 1/4" hex bits, spoke wrenches, it also was close to $80 ... so never acquired one.
Only recently asked Leatherman if they could give a guy a break on one. Found out Leatherman discontinued the Mako Ti a few years ago.

Can find some on eBay for an exorbitant amount, some on Amazon, and then found a source 2 days ago that had the Mako TI & one Piranha (version 1) in their bargain bin!
Snapped up a Mako. They have two remaining in stock if someone else wants one:
1/4" Hex bit driver, 8mm Box wrench, 9mm Box wrench, 10mm Box wrench, 15mm Box wrench, 16mm Box wrench, 14-Gauge Spoke wrench, 15-Gauge Spoke wrench, Bottle opener, & made from Titanium.

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