Cycling jersey

I can't believe I ordered one but it may be here on Monday. Never thought I'd own or wear one. But if they feel drier
than a button up short sleeve, then I am all for it. Juvenile Diabetes/ Novo
Nordisk /Find a Cure for Type 1. It was the only one in my size. NovoNordisk
has some on their site, but either a
Small or an XXXL. Found mine on EBay. Who else wears one for comfort???


  • I live in Tucson when I ride i were cotton polos so I can drench them in water for cooling.
  • wear LOL
  • Cousin summers here in west Michigan, other nine she lives in Phoenix. Husband is out there cause of his job. I have never visited there. Don't
    think I could ride in those temps. I guess the body will the air bad due to the fires in your area?
  • Live in Hotlanta/ I wear cotton T's and change after my ride.
  • I could never get a wet T off. Well, maybe with scissors. :)
  • Contest time!
  • I have a jersey I don't ever wear. It's tight and synthetic material and I prefer cotton. It's from the Great Cycle Challenge. I won it by collecting $500 for childhood cancer research. You can get one too. They have the challenge every June.
  • I need one with airflow lines around my belly and the logo 'AeroBelly' on it. :-)
  • There r some funny ones on EBay. I wonder if most wouldn't wick away sweat. Got mine today. Gotta try it out
    In the sunshine. If I ever buy another, it
    would be just colors, maybe a Finnish or Swedish flag on one.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: »
    I need one with airflow lines around my belly and the logo 'AeroBelly' on it. :-)

    ¬ ITL
  • IdahoTrailLizard, those are great designs. The problem with a bike jersey is they are longer in the back and we really need them to be longer in the front. Also, I hate when only half my arm gets suntan. I would much rather wear a sleeveless shirt.
  • Scissors?
  • Tees just stick to my back. Have to cut them off. Rode with the cycling jersey
    Monday pm. It was wet on my back. Stopped 1/2 way to towel off my back. It came in a large size. Skin tight. Shows my love handles. Maybe need an xl. Not any difference between riding in it or a short sleeve button up shirt. We ARE drier than when we wore those hi-vis vests however.
  • If you sweat that much and t-shirts are tough to get off, you should have to take off a bra. It's even harder. That's why I usually cool way down before a shower. Too hard to get the sweaty close off!
  • Do they sell inverted cup bras?? I rode just 8 miles tonight. Left the jersey home. It's a north- south path so the sun was behind the trees. All shade. Cool ride. Saw no deer. Have to get lights so I can LEGALLY be out at dusk in the Great Lakes State.
  • @Florida_bound That's another reason I am glad I was born with the stem on the apple. However, there are times that I think my moobs need a bra :-(
  • Know there are a lot of fellas that could use them, but never once saw a guy wear a bra or sports bra except on those funny pics.

    Of course you could try this GPSports that tracks an athletes physical statistics, if it makes you feel more techy. ;)

    Call it a new age/techy half-shirt. :P

    ¬ ITL
  • Sports bra for guys...won't show thru yor jersey like a lace juan would :p
  • Exactly what he's wear is the kind of sports bra that is so hard to get off. BTW, they are also hard to get on for some of us!
  • I'm sure that particular gent has dozens of ladies just waiting to cut his off for him with their teeth! I may not play for the other team, but even _I_ can see he's hot!
  • I'm still laffing... :)
  • He's a story teller, that's get shure, dat
  • Anyone ever consider riding in scrub tops in hot weather? I think they are available in both cotton or poly?!
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