dual pull brake handle

does the dual brake handle accessory have a parking button like the single pull does? And why does terratrike charge more for shipping than the same items on amazon?


  • doubt you will find locking duals. not a good idea - cable stretch problems. same thought, i guess, catrike uses velco straps on their singles. locking levers are one of the first things to go on a new to me trike if so equipped.

    have over and under dual mounted on one trike at the moment, have had side-by-side as well. innertube section in earlier days to park, old age using velcro for both single and dual levers.

    parts prices? generally hassle-free if you go through the dealer, websites ya never know.

    at long last! specialized 16x2.0 349 knobby tire ordered from hostel shoppe. rare thing. however, looking at sidewall markings, is a 305, no point trying to mount. nice folks there - website has been updated with correct size and i got a return label pdf.
  • Trailer tires?

    ¬ ITL
  • tire for a 349 16-inch nexus-8 wheel. lets you get down to 10 gear-inches with a patterson crankset. 305 would have been the better wheel for offroad roving, but . . .
  • Looking at the photo on the dual brake listing in the Assessories section, it appears there is a locking button.
  • I did see that, terratrike sells on amazon also 1 of the reviews says yes the older reviews say no. Just trying to verify. https://www.amazon.com/TerraTrike-Dual-Control-Brake-Lever/dp/B001FYEOIE
  • chonk time, maybe?

    you can find the same pix at https://amlingscycle.com/products/dual-brake-lever

    however, note the last paragraph in the description.

    better pix of the terratrike dual at

    the one i have mounted on the delta looks to be the same handle except where the lock button appears in the pix has a nylock nut securing the pivot bolt.
  • They DO have a locking pin on them.
    Some of the earlier ones that may still be in dealers shops do not, but the ones we have now do.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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  • Thank you for the reply,I will order one.
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