Pictures of Off Road Trike

Have you noticed on the pictures on this website how close the handlebars are to the tires? If you have the wide handlebars and move them towards the seat, they get even lower. This is why I modified my handlebars to make them higher and change the handle orientation. I really hope Terra Trike considers a modified handlebar for trikes with the larger wheels.


  • I have one of the new Rambler All Terrain trikes and I like the handlebar position. I don't want it to be any higher. Most of the time my fingers are gently curled around the grips or reaching for the brakes. If I deliberately stretch my fingers down, I can deliberately touch the tires. But in the first 150 miles, I have only once accidentally had the tip of one finger brush the moving tire. If you are actively steering with both hands, your fingers are wrapped around the grips. I don't see a problem. Gordon_O
  • Would fenders be a better option? You would hit the fender instead of the tire. Because I was storing the trike inside of my condo, I had to keep the handlebars over the wheels and my hands hit the tires often. Fortunately, there were no major injuries.
  • I can also touch my tires if I curl my fingers downwards. Only happened a couple times and rotation pushes them forward.
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