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I have well over 13,000 miles on my Rover with the SA 8 hub, and so far zero problems. My question is, if and when it actually dies, I have heard that it is possible to order a new SA8, and when it arrives to swap the new internal gear assembly with the old one, so that the wheel will not have to be rebuilt with the new hub. Has anyone done this, and if so, how difficult a swap was it? I have done all kinds of bike repairs for many decades, so I am fairly mechanically capable. Just don't want to bite off more than I can chew.


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    Unless the housing gets worn, seems more practical to replace the innards.

    Unfortunately Sturmey-Archer does not list a warranty on their website. I sent them a question per their warranty via email. Will post again when I get a reply. :)

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  • original rim and spokes? it was an excellent product in its day but sturmey stuff is getting kinda hard to find. if you havent,

    aside from the snap-ring from hell [you can pop it off in less than 2 minutes with practice], easy disassemble, re-assemble.

    see: LIST - X-RF8.pdf

    diy rim, velox, spokes, hub $300? utah trikes has nexus-8 wheels now and then for that much. xrf8[w] alone is $200.
  • 2-year warranty from date of purchase. should be able to verify that with terratrike customer service.
  • This was their auto-reply minus the extra stuff that doesn't mean beans here:
    Our new wide ratio CSMX 10 and 11 speed cassettes are in production and are
    now available. Please have your local bikeshop contact one of our
    distributors for further information.

    Our new Rotary C50 5 Speed hubs are now available. Please have your local
    shop contact one of our distributors.

    If you are interested in obtaining Sturmey Archer hubs, spare parts for
    current hubs, or other Sunrace products please check the following:

    If you are looking for vintage parts we unfortunately do not manufacture
    parts for hubs pre 2000. Although all of the exterior fittings from our
    current hubs will work on most older hubs. Parts such as shifters, axle
    nuts, indicator chains, etc, will fit most vintage 3 and 5 speed hubs.

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  • "The warranty is one year from defects in workmanship or manufacturing."

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  • Here is email reply I received yesterday from Sturmey Archer.

    "You can have your local shop order a replacement internal for you through our distributor Cyclone in Oregon. 

    You will need to know though whether you need a 175mm or 185mm internal by measuring the axle from end to end. 



    The cartridge will come pre-lubricated and is not too difficult to replace. Instructions are below. We do not deal directly with dealers so I cannot unfortunately recommend anyone in your area. 

    Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

    5 or 8 Speed Replacement Instructions
    Remove hub cones on non-driveside
    Using an adjustable spanner, hook spanner, or hammer and punch remove the old internal. It is a standard thread so left for loose. It may be tight so you may need to put some muscle into removing it.
    Thread new internal into shell. Please take note of the two pawls on the bottom of the new cartridge. These contact the inside of the hubshell so you must take care when threading the new internal in. The best way to do this is thread in the new unit until it feels tight and then back it out about a quarter of a turn. Now turn the rotary gear shift mechanism (The black plastic piece the cable wraps around if an 8 speed hub) or the driver (part where cog mounts if on a 5 speed) counter clockwise until the pawls seat in the hubshell. The unit will thread all the way in by hand. If it does not repeat the above steps until the pawls are seated. If you force the cartridge in the pawls will become damaged.
    Replace the hub cones and adjust the hub "

  • Contact Taylor at TT.

    The 2016 Rover uses 185mm axle

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