So how Was Riderfest? How attended?

What did I miss? Good weather? Great crowd?


  • Look on Terratrike owners Facebook group.
  • Biggest crowd ever. Farthest came from FL (you would have been in competitiin there). Beautiful day for riding, great food, great company. Wish you were there.
  • I think they need to have one in January in Florida. Wouldn't you guys drive to warm weather to be able to ride for a short time?

    The problem is everyone would have to reserve rooms now. The population triples down there during the winter.
  • At least in the summer up here, camping is a real solution (MI is chock full of state land, which is free to camp on, etc, plus buttloads of regular campgrounds)
  • Thanks to everyone that came. It's always the highlight of the year for us.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
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  • How was RiderFest, you ask? In a word... it was Epic!

    We had perfect weather, an awesome venue, perhaps the entire TerraTrike staff on hand, 130+ registered for the event, 124 actually rode it. The youngest rider was 11 years-old, and the oldest, a spry 91 who was fit as a fiddle, and a real hoot... he serenaded us with the worlds smallest harmonica! There was every TerraTrike model currently available as well as several "retired" models. There were homemade trikes and trikes from other manufactures. We had at least six tandems- two and three wheeled varieties. Electric assist trikes of various builds were on hand as were a few df bikes. But, the TerraTrike EVO's, and All Terrain Rambler's, stole the show. And everyone who wanted, was able to test ride either and/or both. Riding both of these trikes was amazing- the handling, the steering, the look & feel, as well as the build. The word "lust" instantly came to mind.

    The delicious catered food included pulled pork and chicken BBQ, potato salad, penne pasta salad, and tasty, large, fresh buns. For the thirsty, there was bottled water, and two different unique and locally sourced beverages on tap. Everyone received a beautifully designed colorful tee-shirt in addition to numerous other treats- energy bars, trail maps and magazine, and more. Certificates were awarded for best dressed, most awesome trike, youngest and oldest riders, furthest traveled, and more. All seven of the brave participants in the two-mile Ultimate Hill Climb Challenge received "goodie" bags filled with TerraTrike accessories and and treats. And despite burning leg muscles, and overcoming the frightening decent, all seven hill-climb participants finished.

    There was a 20 mile course, a 13 mile alternative course, and the two mile hill climb course. At least two of us were crazy enough to ride the entire 35 miles of courses! I wasn't even going to attempt the hill climb challenge before being talked into it, and since I had electric assist, I figured it would be no real problem. Unfortunately for me, my battery died halfway up the first, comparatively small hill. The remainder of that short course was grueling. I nearly wiped-out on the second sharp curve on the decent- came within a couple of inches of a wooden guard rail while cornering on two wheels! I was certainly going faster than ever before, and faster than I should have been. No blood, no foul... just live and learn. While terrifying, it was thrilling, exhilarating, and more fun than I ever had on a trike! I can't wait for RiderFest 2018.

    Speaking of RiderFest 2018, I am advocating (if legal) for a $20 registration fee that will give every registrant a ticket toward a drawing for a new Trike- a Rover x8 ($1100 value) or an equal amount off the TerraTrike of the winner's choosing. Additional tickets could be purchased for $10 each, with any profit going to charity. Forum participants could nominate charities for TerraTrike to select a half-dozen or so that the winning ticket holder could choose among the TerraTrike selected charities which would receive the profit. Seems like a win-win-win to me. But I bet some of you have even better ideas for RiderFest 2018. Care to share?
  • Anyone ride an Rambler AT up the hill ?
  • Me and the Mrs. may have to think long and hard about a trip that way. Sounds fun. I just got back into riding after a 27-28 year hiatus, wife....probably longer. We got our tandem this year, so still working up our endurance with nightly rides locally and of course, around the campgrounds.
  • How was RiderFest, you ask? In a word... it was Epic!

    Nice review. I'm glad you had fun.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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  • I thought they gave the award to a 91 year old, but then somebody piped up that he was 93, and the 93 year old was the one who played the harmonica?

    Anyhow, I did the 13 mile course, got an avg speed of about 9.7 (really pushing myself to stay with the 2 younger fellas I was talking with while riding). Got back just in time to stuff my face with pulled pork and root beer, so for that I'm glad I didn't go for the 20 mile!
  • Also, did nobody else play with the experimental vehicles they brought? The ones you could grab by the seat and lift over your head with one hand? Amazing idea - but likely a one-off (or two-off) due to production costs.
  • Jrobiso2 wrote: »
    Also, did nobody else play with the experimental vehicles they brought? The ones you could grab by the seat and lift over your head with one hand? Amazing idea - but likely a one-off (or two-off) due to production costs.

    That is the one made with Unobtanium tubing.
  • @Jrobiso2, I made two, very loud, inquiries as to any other forum participants at RiderFest, and no one responded. I thought I was the only one there. And I think you even come from the Lansing, MI area, like me, too. Wish we could have met up. Was there anyone there with you?
  • I came from Fenton, just south of Flint. My daughter lives in Lansing. My wife had to stay home and work on some community theater stuff.

    @TrikeBirder, I thought you may have been the guy sitting next to the CEO while I sat across from him during lunch? I recall the person bringing up the idea of buying tickets for chances to win a trike, so was that you?
  • Yup, that was me.
  • Glad it was a great event and you all enjoyed it. I will try my best to get there next year. I instead went to an orthopedic doctor to discuss so problems. She wants me to go to physical therapy to learn to walk upright again. Really? I am doing much better now that my legs are straight. Not sure I want to pay the $25 copay per visit to have someone cause more pain. Did that already with my knees.
  • @TrikeBirder so I was the guy in the floppy wide brimmed hat.
  • @Florida_bound we'd be happy to see you there next year, of course! Hope the sadists don't hurt you too much.
  • It was a blast getting to ride with that may trikes at once. The 13 mile ride was really nice and the trail was great. Now I should have had my head examined doing the hill climb. But it was a great feeling knowing that I was able to make that climb. Now I cant complain about pulling he hills on the trails here in town.
  • What did I miss? Good weather? Great crowd?

    You missed another awesome Riderfest! A great ride on a beautiful day and an awesome lunch. We had at least 20 members of the Michigan Recumbent Trike group attending again this year. We are hoping to double that number next year! We have some nice photos of the ride on our Facebook forum page at

    Thanks TerraTrike for another awesome RiderFest!!!!

  • We'll definitely do something to include and distinguish the forum members next year.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • Working on getting a video together of the 13 mile ride. Hope to get it done within the next few days.
  • That would be really cool. Youtube that video!

    @Chonk if this keeps up, you're going to need a new park to hold the Riderfest in. We filled that parking lot past capacity this year, so any growth . . . .
  • Yeah we've already discussed this. Finding a suitable location that is close to us and supports everything we need could be an issue in the future.

    A really cool issue ;)
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • Too bad you don't have a system like the SE MI "Metropark" system. Huge parks all over SE MI. I buy one annual park pass and it works for all of them.
    Same deal with the State Parks, but I don't know how many of those are near Grand Rapids.
  • Here is a video of the 13 mile ride

  • @chonk, Its sounds like another conversation with the Chamber of Commerce is in order?! :/
  • edited August 2017
    Peanut wrote: »
    Here is a video of the 13 mile ride

    Where did you have your camera mounted?

    ¬ ITL
  • Thanks for the video. It proved that my cadence is just fine. Either that or everyone else is too slow!

    I have a route with a bridge over a creek with a concrete wall on one side and a barrier on the other (like in the video). I'm afraid a 2-wheeler will be coming the other way and not be able to get by me. I've been avoiding it. Maybe I should try it again. I can go a lot faster on that path as it follows a 4-lane divided highway with few driveways.
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