Alignment problems with the Traveler?

any truth to the rumor of frequent Alignment problems with the Traveler?


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    There was an issue with the tie rod more than a year ago. The problem was incorrect tightening when built leading to sloppiness in the steering and tires being worn out. The new models have that issue resolved with a new tie rod design. If you have an older one, just be sure the tie rod is tight and you should be fine.
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  • I don't know if I have the newer or the older tie rod design. I bought my traveler last fall, it has the quick release pins that hold the tie rod in, but the videos showing how to fold the trike have a different tie rod. Mine is hard to remove.
  • Try turning opposite wheel while the tie rod is unhooked from one side. Sounds like you have the new tie rod. I had problems unhooking my wife's the first few times. Chad at Spin Bicycle Shop in Lansing Michigan (authorized TerraTrike dealer) demonstrated the trick I mentioned above. After a couple of attempts, I found one side was much easier to remove- not sure why. Now I always remove the easy side first and turn the opposite wheel slightly to release the other side. If that doesn't work, have a TT dealer demonstrate their best way to remove tie rod. Good luck!
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