Recommendation for new Rover owners needing to adjust seat

edited July 2010 in Rover
Hi all,

Just a heads up for anyone needing to adjust their seat placement on the boom for the first time.

When I got my Rover a few days ago and loosened the seat to try to slide it up, it wouldn't go. It took two of us to shove it up, even with the bolt nut completely loose. Even then it wouldn't go very far.

Since then I have shortened the boom and to do that I had to move the seat out of the way. I took the seat bolt completely off so I could lift it over one of the boom's bolts and discovered that I had damaged the paint job when trying to slide the seat the first time. I have since read about someone else here doing the same thing.

So, when you're trying to move the seat that first time, I recommend removing the seat bolt entirely, lifting the seat up, and resettling it where you want it. This will avoid any aggravation and also any damage to the paint.

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