TerraTrike, Geezers, and cross country rides

As a 76 year old Geezer hobbled by a bad back, arthritis and other medical issues, I am considering buying a Rambler and training to prepare for challenging a ride from Phoenix to Washington DC. I am looking for advice and guidance from others who have similar health issues and TerraTrike experience. You experiences, advice, and guidance will be most helpful. Thanks. MURRAY76


  • Before choosing a model for such a long-distance ride, may I suggest you wait a couple of months to see if TT puts out any new "long distance" models? They might have some surprises for us (fingers crossed!)
  • At your age riding a trike may not be enough to prepare for an extended ride. Other activities may improve your chances to include swimming, yoga etc. I'd consider a consult with a sports trainer.
  • Enjoy the trike! Don't kill yourself try to riding so far.

    Riding my Rover does not hurt my back at all and I have arthritis everywhere. I ride several times a week. I love riding my trike!
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    as a similar old geezer i admire the ambition!

    terratrike has a 30-day try before you buy. suggest ordering from them and wringing out a rambler all-terrain, the only off-the-shelf that is realistically geared for hills one might encounter. discover if such is suitable to your intent and ponder the merits of electric assist for long trips.

    steve greene is good for thoughts on this kind of desire, jayoe another. for prep and experiences on long distance riding, browse https://trikeasylum.wordpress.com/more/the-original-trike-hobo/

    scroll down towards the bottom and check out rider stories.

    have spent a few years riding both rovers and rambler. good trikes, well-designed, easily modified for this type of venture. i would use an i-8 rover with a patterson crankset if going trike only, with trailer, rambler.
  • Rambler EVO (TT-designed electric assist) might be a good option as well. Off-the-shelf, don't-reinvent-the-wheel electric assist right off the shelf :-)
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