New Bentrider Jersey

I got this in an email. I like the pockets in the front and the sizes available. I don't really like the price and don't how long it is. I don't like a shirt riding up my back when I'm on my trike.


  • Pleas don't guvbmoney to that thief who runs that crooked site
  • They must be desperate. I'm not even a member. I just go in every once in a while to read the message boards.
  • Dear lord, $65 for a $10 shirt?
  • It's obscene how badly he rips off his members. My buddy gave him an undisclosed amount if money (I won't give details -long story but there us an ongoing thing happening to get retribution) for a bike that he never got from him and was told to He has been known to "let the so and so's"(I won't say what he called his members to a mutual friend) do the grunt work so he can fill in the reviews and "Get Paid". Not for long........
  • Received the message too. Rather get a WRT version even though it is made for MTB riders. Ours looks cool, but trying to get them to make something in 4X is like trying to milk a mouse.

    Lot of jerseys are in the price range. Probably why I don't have one. ;)
  • I might think about paying $50+ for a TerraTrike jersey. In the meantime, I just wear athletic (sweat wicking t-shirts). $10 bucks at TJ Max.
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