Bearing for the left front wheel ?

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I have a little play in the left front wheel, probably an aging bearing.

I have a "2011" Rover and i would like to know what kind of bearings i must use to replace the broken one.

Thanks for your collaboration.


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    It should be a 6804 bearing, but to be safe call TT on Monday to double check. make sure you get 2 of them.
  • Just replaced on one wheel. Can be a little tricky to get out without a 'blind' puller as there is a spacer inside the hub that makes it difficult to get at the back of the bearing. I was lucky in that the inside bearing came out of the hub when I pulled the wheel off the axle as it was a little tight on the axle. Beyond that it was no problem re-installing using an old axle and a couple of washers to press the bearings in. Tapped them in final bit using a deep socket as a punch Also used it to tap the old outer bearing out.

    Your lbs probably has the proper tools to remove and reinstall the bearings 15 min job. You can also buy proper removal/ press in tools from Park or a bike shop. Careful
    you don't wreck your hub removing or by inserting crooked.


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