Installing bike computer on a trike

I believe I hooked it up correctly I just think the reason its not working could be the angle of my steering bar. Not exactly sure. I got a cat eye computer. Any suggestion? Please provide pictures if you have suggestions! Thank you!


  • Have you looked at the instructions carefully?
  • Yes sir! I've gone over everything three times. I will go over it again after work. If it does not work this time I'll take the trike into the bike shop here. They have some really good mechanics I'm sure they will figure out what I did or didn't do.
  • if it's wireless there is a good chance the sensor and computer are not aligned correctly and the data is not being received . There needs to be a clear path from the stationary sensor by the wheel and the underside of the computer. Also the magnet needs to be mounted correctly on a spoke and aligned with the sensor. Read the instructions again. If the computer dos not work at all the battery may be bad or there may be a piece of tape over the battery that you need to remove.
  • I use a Cateye Strada; which is wireless. The sender and magnet are mounted on the left front wheel. The computer is mounted on the left handle bar at the bottom between the 90-degree bend and the kingpin. This puts the computer only 6-inches or so from the sender, and the backside of the sender is pointed at the sender. My instructions state the maximum distance from sender to computer should be no more than 70 cm (27.5-inches). Mine works exactly as advertised. I hope this helps.
  • EDIT-I meant to state the backside of the computer is pointed at the sender. The instructions states this is necessary for the two pieces to communicate. These units are designed to be installed on upright bikes, so you have to use your imagination. I would have preferred a unit that would mount the sender on the rear wheel, and the computer on the handle bar or front boom. What is available today; it would have to be a wired unit, and the wires would have to be extended. at least that's what I have see so far.
  • Is why I prefer wired, no issues with EMI or LOS. Have a Planet Bike Protege 9 mounted on Versa bar using The Nob as a mount, sensor on the left wheel sensor mount, wires tied in with zip ties, & slack wrapped with electrical tape.
    Soon as I locate some spiral wire wrap wide enough the tape will come off.

    ¬ ITL
  • I found that wireless units caused some crazy readings on my hear rate monitor, so I stopped using them. I have been using a Cateye Enduro 8 for years, and it is very accurate. Easy to install on my Rover. Not even sure it is still available.
  • Cateye Velo 7 (wired) here. No issues
  • Cateye Enduro $30 at Amazon
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