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I have a question for all of you. Do you get pain in your way lower back (gluteous maximus) and thighs after riding. I first noticed this pain when I was in the hospital having my knee surgeries. I continued taking the pain meds because of this localized pain, not my knee pain. I always get the pain for about 24 hours after riding.

Would stretching before a rid help? Would a lumbar support help?

I have zero back pain while riding. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Stretching definatly helps prior to most activity. Figuring what exercise that will help is the mystery.
  • Reason I went to a trike was to be easy on my back due to previous issues.I found that when my seat was adjusted too vertical, my back side did feel uncomfortable, reclined the seat back, and problem solved.Experiment and see what works best.
  • I just moved mine more vertical to get more breeze during the ride. It's been unbearable hot down here. I may move it back down and see if that helps.

    I don't recall so many aches and pains after riding as I'm feeling now. Must just be that I turned 60 in July and old age has finally caught me!
  • Peddle faster. Stay ahead of that 61. Butt gravity weights for no one.
  • sounds like sciatica at work.

    as you age. the spinal column compresses. putting pressure on it with inappropriate posture can lead to not so pleasant older age discoveries.

    a more erect seat position, a cushion to prevent the seat rails digging into your thighs and pool noodles between fabric and seat back fo firm back support may make all the difference.
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    While not a doctor, I am in agreement with JamesR. On rare, fortunately, occasion, I have a sciatica flare up, and the symptoms I experience are very similar to what you described. For me, with a combination of stretching, riding the trike, ibuprofen, and even Advil PM to help achieve a relaxing nights sleep, my symptoms disappear in two to three days.
  • I was treated for sciatica for more nearly two decades. The pain would come and go and sometimes nothing I did would alleviate the misery. Eventually, a friend mentioned similar symptoms before having his hip replaced. I called my orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation and a few months later I had a new hip and NO sign of sciatica since then.

    Apparently, the sciatic nerve runs over and/or next to the skeletal hip bone and any arthritic inflammation in the hip area will squeeze the sciatica nerve and cause pain. Since you have an orthopedic surgeon, I would encourage you to call him/her and schedule a hip x-ray to see the extent of any arthritis that may be present.

    Interestingly, despite having been treated for knee pain in the same leg as the replaced hip for at least 10 years, I have never experienced much pain in that knee since the hip was replaced! Seems the sciatic nerve runs along the knee as well. It must have been deferred pain all along!?! Go figure.
  • I was sent to a "sports medicine" orthopedic doctor to look at my shoulder and back. Cooking causes severe pain in the middle of my spine. But, because I didn't look like an athlete, she didn't take me seriously. Every doctor's solution to every illness is "lose weight." She wanted me to go to physical therapy for my posture but I know I also have arthritis in several areas of the spine. All the physical therapy in the world won't fix that. Besides, I have to pay $25 per PT visit. I can't afford that right now.

    I am slowly standing taller after the knee surgeries and the pain was minimal until recently. I don't know what I did to bring it back but I will go back to doing the exercises I did last winter. One is hanging on leg off the bed and pulling the other towards my chest. It's amazing how that helps. I'm also going to try some stretching exercises.

    Thanks for your suggestions!
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