Rambler EVO

I just picked up my new Rambler EVO From Real Bikes in Venice. I bought this thing before ever riding an Elect Assist. This thing is outstanding! I am so glad I bought this trike and sold my golf cart now I can have fun and improve my health at the same time.


  • I met one of the folks who worked at Real Bikes recently while riding on my TerraTrike Rambler that I purchased in Ft. Myers, Florida just a month ago or so.

    Real Bicycles, shame on you for not doing more advertising on Trikes at your bike shop. An internet search on Terratrike dealers didn't reveal your name.

    Prior to my purchasing my Rambler in Ft Myers, I never knew that there was a trike dealer in Venice, Florida.

    Expect to see me soon and expect to see a few referrals from me to your bike shop.
  • Did you click on the tab at the top of this website that says "Find A Dealer"? The Venice shop is the third one listed.
  • I found Real Bikes on this web site. I had no problem at all finding them.
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