Fenders, Racks, and Lights?


I'm pretty interested in the new Grand Tourisimo. Like everyone else, I'd be needing to equip mine with fenders, a rack, and lighting to make it a practical daily driver. I'm an overweight retiree and I've been looking at my daily travels to see how many of those short hops could be accomplished on a trike. With its 300# load capacity, I could easily haul my 250# self and 50# of groceries (Yeah, that's a lot of groceries.) or other stuff.

My post is a query as to when we can expect the fenders and rack adapters to become available?




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    @Chonk Will the GT take Big Apple HS 439 rear tires? Which IGH hubs will it accommodate?


  • While you wait for Chonk to way-in on this topic, as I review the Schwalbe Big Ben HS 439 tires at Schwalbe's website, I see no reason why you couldn't use them on the rear of the GT (except perhaps if you intend to use stock fenders which might have clearance issues, but would probably work), but I am not sure that you realize these tires are designed to be used on electric-assist bikes/trikes that are ridden at high speeds. TT does not skimp when it comes to tires (or most anything else for that matter) and they are, in fact, a Schwalbe dealer now. To that end, they will have equipped the GT with the tires they believe will be best for general use on that trike.

    As for IGH's, I believe that any IGH should work just fine. It is currently not offered with an IGH, but I am fairly confident that TT or your local TT dealer lbs would be able to swap out the dérailleur and install an IGH. Probably the best value in an IGH would be the Nuvinci 380. TT can build you a Nuvinci 20" wheel outfitted with N380 for about $500.

    I would strongly recommend that you talk with TT directly before you make your purchase. They can tell you if they think the idea is good, bad, or indifferent. They can tell you exactly what all is needed and involved in swapping the equipment, and tell you what they would charge for building one directly from the factory with the Nuvinci.

    And for another $300-500, you can effectively put on an internal double (Patterson) or triple (Efneo) crankset, and greatly increase your gear inches, giving you higher high gears, lower low gears, as well as more gears in between, and keeping everything gear-wise internal. But please test ride a stock GT before deciding on upgrades and changes. These things can all be added/changed after you have become more familiar with your new awesome trike.

    Best of luck with your decisions.
  • I got this from Gerrod:

    “Greetings Bill -

    You should not have an issue putting a Schwalbe Big Apple on the GT.
    We currently offer a rear rack (http://shop.terratrike.com/Aluminum-Rack-with-Elastic-Strap-p/tt800028.htm) and several storage bags that fit this rack/trike, which can be seen on the accessory page of our website. We will also be releasing a Lowrider Rack fit-kit for the GT in the near future which will allow the installation of this item as well. With a little tweaking, our current 20" fenders will work with Big Apple tires and we are currently working on designing a 24" fender. There is no plan at this time to produce our own line of lights.

    I hope this is of some help.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    In order to take full advantage of a new GT, I’d like to consider a couple of upgrades.

    1. Will the GT be able to accommodate Schwalbe Big Apple HS 439 on the rear?
    2. Will you be producing the necessary mounting adapters for the GT that will allow me to put racks as Storage System bags on a new GT? When will they be available?
    3. When will fenders be available and will they work with fatter tires?
    4. Will you be bringing out your own line of lighting that will be more of a custom fit for the Storage System racks?


  • Fenders are in production. I will try to get an in house date for you.
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  • Hmmmm . . . @Chonk, when might I be able to order a GT EVO? :-)
  • Was anything else discovered re goodies for the new GT?
    Shout out to popcorn/Bill.

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