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The weight limit on the rover is 400lbs. I weigh 320. Will the stock 8 speed work for me? I know that this is a low end trike - but for me this is a high end purchase that I want to get utility out of for a few years.

My LBS is pretty small. They don't do alot with trikes or recumbents - can most repairs and or adjustments be handled by most bike stores?

How does it work getting this in and out of buildings? Currently, when I ride my two wheeler to work, I guide it into my office and park it out of the way in the corner. Is this going to go through doors without a herculean effort? How about taking it inside in the evening?

My area is hilly. Not like Rocky Mountains hilly but like up and down hilly. I ride a 7 speed Hybrid now - so the 8 speed is actually more than I have now - but I'm concerned - does the 'easy gear' 'spin' well ? Meaning can I go up most inclines slowly if my legs wear out (which at 320 lbs, they are known to do)

Is the putting together really that easy - or if I'm not the most mechanically inclined person, should I just get the bike shop to do it?


  • The specs say the Rover is 33" wide. I believe the ADA requirement for doors is 36" so unless your workplace is unusual you should be able to roll on in.

    My wife's Tour is 34" and she makes it through narrow gates on our bike canal path ok, if not a bit slower. She's missed a couple of times and come to a sudden stop, now is more conservative.

    Take a tape measure to work and measure the doorways to see how 33" works. I guess you should look at the specs for length, etc and envision where you think you're going to park.

    Good Luck
  • Weight limit does not seem to be an issue for you. It's a sturdy trike! Most repairs can be done at a LBS, but if you run into anything out of the ordinary you can always give us a call and we can work with your LBS. As far as bike maintenance goes, it's the same whether it has 2, 3 or 4 wheels. The granny gear is pretty low so you shouldn't have any issues tackling the hills in your area. As far as assembly goes, it always comes fully assembled. If you plan to take it apart you can give us a call if you have trouble putting it back together. Hope this helps!
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • You may need to loosen and move the handlebars to get the rover in and out of doors, as they stick out over the front wheels when adjusted for comfort - at least mine do.
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