Cellular Phone Gotcha (Android)

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. I'd ridden out 12 miles, turned around, and was headed back when I stopped to have a snack. When I took the phone from the trunk bag it was in "airplane mode" which kills just about everything. Son of a @#$%&! I thought my phone was going wacky until it dawned on me. I had put my phone face down with a squishy snack bar under the top end of the phone. I'm thinking that the soft snack bar, deformed by the warmth of the bag, was touching the screen sending random commands to the phone itself even though it was supposed to be locked. There went my Strava track for the day.

I won't make that mistake again. Now I'll slip it into the belt holster which prevents anything from touching the screen. That should take care of the problem.


  • I bought a case with the front cover and never looked back. Nothing happens on my phone unless I make it happen. Plus, I carry my driver's license and health insurance card in the pockets provided. This way I don't have to carry a separate wallet.

    However, I do fail to turn the exercise program on when I start riding. I've probably ridden 20 miles over the past few years that were never recorded. Doesn't really matter as I lose the data every time I get a new phone or do an upgrade. I now take pictures of the results to show my doctor.
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