Can terratrike send one to a LBS that is not a dealer?

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I'm just curious - my LBS is in a small town - we are lucky to have one. They are not a dealer. Can they get just 1 as an order for me - or would I need to order it? They'd be doing the assembling - so if they could handle it - I'd be thrilled.

Just thought I'd ask here 1st for direction.


  • I think they will. You'd be better served to pose the question directly to TerraTrike, using the CONTACT button at the top of the pages. You'll get a faster response. They don't seem to check this board quite as often as you might think.

    Good Luck
  • If you just have your LBS give us a call we can definitely sell to them. Just make sure the dealer we are sending it to has a qualified bike mechanic. We don't want you to have trouble with your trike if they build it up incorrectly.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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