So does the rover come fully assembled?

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I saw two youtube videos about rover assembly. I'm hoping they were for dealers maybe?

I was under the impression they were fully assembled and you just had to adjust the seat and inflate the tires? I'm not to mechanically inclined. I can adjust brakes on my bike and change a tire - but I'm clueless about adjusting chain lengths and doing anything with shifting systems.

So how do they come?


  • They do come fully assembled. It comes in a VERY big box. The only things I had to do was adjust the handle bars to where I wanted them, inflate the tires, do the last part of mounting the fenders to the suports (that TT did put on before hand) and put the rear rack on. All said very little work need to be done.

    I will post some pic of my Rover in the box tomorrow for you.

  • Tizzy,
    Are you going to run Mobile-Bike on the Rover.
    I would be interested in pictures of your radio setup.
    de KB3FN - Lynn (TOMbent)
    Tombent - My Rover
  • cant wait to see pics = thanks!
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