Storage Bag Top Straps

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Terra Trike Traveler since purchasing it in July. I first bought the seat storage bag to hold some tools, and my personal items. I soon found the amount of storage wasn't enough, and I began to not like the bag on the seat top and back. I purchased the storage bag, and the low rider rack fit kit - Rambler (I know, the kit is not listed for the Traveler, so I got the kit that fit the Rambler and made my own rack from 1/4" birch plywood).

Now for my question: Are the straps on top of the storage bag supposed to be fastened to the seat frame (which is directly above the straps), or are they supposed to be used to strap on extra items? One of my pet peeves with Terra Trike is they do not include any printed information with their accessories (at least the ones I have purchased so far).


  • It was designed to attach additional items. Blanket, Sleeping bag pad, rain wear etc.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

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  • Thanks, Chonk. That makes the most sense.
  • Ahh, I wondered that too.
    Only thing I could think of was for carrying a fleece or wool blanket/throw.

    ¬ ITL
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