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Does anyone make cycling shoes with LED lights like in the attached link? These would be a great safety feature for trikers as our feet are usually the first thing people see. If they can't put lights on the shoes, how about the pedals?


  • I use led arm band on my ankles, do not know of any led adult shoe lights.
  • I saw those shoes in Sam's Club but they only children's sizes. The ankle bands are a good option.
  • There are a lights that can be fastened onto shoes.
  • Great invention and they would work well for DF riders and joggers. But, the light would shine up in the air for me.
  • Duct tape a couple of Harbor Freight $3 LED lights to your riding shoes. Cheaper.

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  • I don't need them to see where I'm going. I would only use them so that the cars can see me.
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    This reminds me of an expression my Dad used when I was young and was blocking his view, “You make a better door than you do a window.”

    Any lights attached to the heels of our shoes will not be visible to anyone following us. When following my wife on her trike, I do not see her shoes/feet/pedals because her torso, butt and seat block the view to those said items. With our feet pedaling out in front of our bodies, our bodies will block them from rearward visibility, because “we make better doors than we do windows.” :-)
  • Turn them sideways so cars on side streets can see you.
  • I bought one of these out of curiosity and I'm impressed. I will use it on the back of my trunk bag. It's got ten different flashing modes that will get your attention in a heartbeat as well as small built in flashlight. The device is practically indestructible. I'm going to try one of the pro version as well.

    How about mounting it on top of your helmet (or ear muffs :) ) using the rotating pattern like lights on emergency vehicles.

    Check it out:

    There are a bunch negative reviews on Amazon with battery life expectancy. Any device I get, lights or otherwise, I always replace with premium batteries. I also keep those devices in temperature stable places when not in use because heat will kill electronics or batteries.

    Two other lighting devices I've had and still use are in my original blog post from last January. I still like these because they're inexpensive and have never failed.

  • What kind of batteries does it use?
  • What kind of batteries does it use?

    The one on Amazon uses three AAA batteries. You have to be good with a small Phillips screwdriver as well.

    I haven't delved into USB rechargeable lights yet. I prefer being able to swap batteries and be ready to go again. I've long used the lights described in my blog post because they have been dependable. At $4 each from Harbor Freight they're much less expensive.
  • I bought some led rope lights on ebay and attached to flag pole as a lighted whip. Very bright. Multi mode. Works for me. Mine are powered by 3 AAA batteries.
  • @Bozo50 I would love to see some photos of that- maybe one lit up in daylight, one at dusk or night, and a third a daylight photo with lights shut off so we can see what the entire setup looks like... sounds really cool.
  • I have multiple lights (redundant redundancies?) I carry new AA batteries in my bag and a front and rear light that runs on same. I also use front & rear USB rechargeable lights as my every day lights (I charge them every few days). And while I never expected them to last a month, I have a solar powered taillight ($2.60 each with free shipping (as long as you ONLY order one at a time?!) on each of our trikes. When I installed them a year ago, I charged them as per directions- place in direct sun for 4 hours. Since then, they have worked flawlessly and continuously whenever we ride, day or night! For my everyday headlight, I now use a small powerful (1200 lumen's) flashlight that uses an 18660 lithium polymer rechargeable battery. These are the same cells used in many E-assist batteries. The light I bought comes with two of them and I keep one charged in my bag and one in the light. I also keep a spare flashlight that fits the same mount in my bag.

    Visibility is my focus. Visibility for me and for anyone or anything I happen across.
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    TrikeBirder, Howzabout posting some links to the various lights you use? I'd really like to know about the solar powered light and that high powered flashlight with the lithium battery. Thanks... Redundancy is good. :)
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    Sure Hal, here is a link to the solar lights from Amazon.

    Note: If you only order 1 at a time, shipping is free. Order 2 or more, and shipping is like $8.00?! Go figure.
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    I actually ordered 3 of these type lights from Amazon. I gave the one I liked least to my 8 year-old granddaughter, and kept the other two. All of them came with an 18650 rechargeable cell, AA battery adapter (requires 3), battery charger, handlebar mount, and plastic case. The $10 one was OK, The $13 one was worth the extra $3 dollars, and the $20 one claimed to be 1200 lumens but is probably the same (900) as the other two. Batteries Plus, and Batteries Etc. both stock the 18650 cells and charge $10/ea for one, or $7/ea in quantities of 3. They run $5/ea for generic one online.

    I keep one one the trike and a spare in my bag.
  • TrikeBirder, thanks for the information. :)
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