Rambler X30, want to install 24 inch rims, thoughts please?

First off,,the bike is great, BUT, I don't care for the stock 20 inch rims and tires. I am 65 had some strokes and thought a bigger tire would help me getting on and off easier. PLUS, the added benefit of getting off the pavement to an extent once in a while. I also thought about wider tires for it, shock absorption to a degree, smoother ride. I am really torn on what to do. I spoke to terratrike today regarding the 24 inch rims, tires, tubes, etc. Plus called a local bike shop to do the swap, about $ 600. in total.

Or do I just install the 3 inch kenda flame tires on the stock rims, or bigger schwalbe 2.15 width. Get a bit smoother ride from them. I just joined this site tonight to read what others are doing looking for ideas and such. I have been researching for a few weeks.

My last option is to sell this trike I like so much and get another terratrike with the work done. The all terrain looks interesting, but being it's a new design I see folks finding little problems already that TT will have to iron out.

Anyway, thoughts from you folks will be greatly appreciated by me. Say what ya feel, don't be afraid. I am an old goat that's heard it all. Lol



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    I upgraded my Rover to 24" wheels and 1.95 all terrain tires and it cost me $600 two years ago. It's much easier to get on and off the trike. But, don't expect to be riding through a grass field on all-terrain tires. It has to do with your weight distribution more than the tires. Also, the ride is smoother but not like a 2-wheeler with a shock absorber. But, I am happy I spent the money!

    I would wait for those with the Ramber All-Terrain trike to chime in before you spend any money. Or does anyone have the 3 inch Kenda Flames? Those would add height to make getting on the trike easier.
  • keeping a 20-inch rear, 24-inch wheels with big apples up front will improve on-off to the tune of about $500, much softer ride. cheaper, 40 psi kenda flames up front on the 20-inch rim, softer ride, maybe $100, good flat-proofing due thick tread.

    both mods will raise pedal clearance. for off-road, going to a 152 mm crankset will further increase pedal clearance in addition to giving you lower gearing for the trails - lasco 22-32-44 with chainguard $80. maxxis maxxdaddy or similar knobby on the rear wheel for traction and flat-proofing.
  • Put a two inch block under each front wheel and try to get in/out of the seat. Then put a two inch block under all three wheels and try again. This should give you a good idea on what gain you'll get for the money spent. There are also assist bars you can buy called Versa bars if I'm correct.
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    I want to thank you all for the comments thus far, as I am still pondering this. In the meantime I have just placed the Rambler X30 for sale here, on this site. "If" it sells, I will move into the Rambler All Terrain model. That way the work is done all around, tires, height issues, gears, shifter, etc. Meaning nothing to fool with. "IF" it does not sell then I have these suggestions by you folks to take some positive action.

    Thanks again, and if folks still want to chime I, please do.

  • I have 1100 miles on my Rambler AT. It is the only trike that I have owned although I did ride quite a few before purchasing. I can't really speak to the differences in smoothness of the ride between the 20" wheels and the 24" wheels. I do like the Smart Sam tires that come standard with the RAT. Changing the tire pressure does make a difference for ride comfort, but it is not the same as a full suspension ride. The only issue that I have found is the top chain tube wear. I am keeping a close eye on it and have adjusted my shifting somewhat. jury is still out on that issue.
  • Thank you eagle. That Rambler AT is a high possibility.
    I have read of that tube problem and something with the shifter assembly by the steering breaking. Well for a first run trike, I would expect a few glitches to be ironed out. Please keep me posted on that ride.

  • My shifter cable broke because of a roll over accident that I had. It must ave hit one of the large rocks that I rolled onto. The accident was totally my fault. It was a center of gravity thing when I hit a root on a slope.
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