What are the advantages of the GT over the Rambler, if there are any ?I’m “turtle slow “ on the Rambler, about 6.5 mph. I am 69 years old , with diabetic legs. Most of my rides are 10-12 Miles, with my longest being 20 Miles this summer. Just wish I could have a faster average.


  • Where are you riding? On a bike path? Along a highway? What kind of surface?

    Sometimes going slower is safer.
  • Check your cadence. Faster cadence is easier on the legs/joints and may help to build up endurance and speed or perhaps you would find e-assist up your alley. GT may be faster potential for stronger legs but think getting more speed could be acheived on your Rambler if leg power is not the limitation. Make sure your tire pressures are right, your alignment is correct and your brakes are not dragging. On level pavement, unassisted, and w/o a head wind a consistent 10 mph should be relatively easy particularly as condition improves. What gear and tires are you running?
  • Like Squirrelpie0 said I'd first make sure your trike is set up correctly to include front wheel alignment, tire pressures near max, drive train lubed etc.. Are you mashing your pedals or pedaling at ease with a good cadence ?
    With your age and medical condition I'd go for endurance, not speed, you'll find it's healthier. Remember you're the engine regardless of what you're riding.
  • Thanks for the replies. I do have a cadence monitor, I just need to use it more often. I do tend to peddle faster, instead of fighting the pedals. I ride mostly on quiet paved roads, sub divisions and other quiet spots. I do have the trike checked over by my bike shop, a TT dealer, every year.After a two year hiatus I just restarted at the gym. Time on the thread mill and recumbent exercise bike several days a week over the winter should help my legs and biking too. I usually ride in the middle sprocket up front and in the mid range ( 4 or 5 ) in the rear on my Rambler.
  • And I’m riding on Marathon Supremes, at the 70 pound max.
  • It takes time to get the engine in tune.
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