Gator Cycles Moving

Jamesr, I got email notification today. Will you still be able to reach the shop? If I recall, 13th Street isn't the most bike friendly road in Gainesville. Archer is much better.

I guess they need a lot more space. They carry a full assortment of trikes. Great place to try out different brands and models!


  • hola! Miss Florida -

    how did you make out in the hurricane? learned about flash floods and what water covering trike hubs can do to shifters and brakes. fortunately, gatorcycle is nearby at the moment for cables and housings to remedy such problems.

    new owner of their building did a facelift on it, jacked the rent to cover the cost and forced the move to a new locale. if i had known of the move 2 weeks earlier would not have signed a long-term lease for my new apartment.

    something quite soothing to be living in close proximity to a candy store. their new location will be at the extreme range of me unassisted knees so reckon its time to start saving up for a lithium battery to continue my old browsing habits.
  • Sounds good! I can't imagine what else the owner would put in that building. He probably made a very poor decision!
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