Any woodworkers here??



  • When I built my iceboat I used West System epoxy for everything, glue and exterior finish. Expensive but a very good product.
  • I was watching the Olympics this morning and they showed how Koreans used to ski on wooden skis. The woodworker used fire to bend the front end of the skis. Do you think that would work for your fenders also?
  • Haven’t heard using fire on a piece that will be used in that way. Fire seals wood so it becomes almost a varnished
    Item. Makes it look weathered. Trouble I’m having is the wood strips trying to straighten out after I have glued them together in a 4x4 “jig”. Same arc as the 20” tire.
  • Question for any and all. The maple wood fender I tried to make from three thin 1/16” pieces ‘twisted’ at opposite ends. Torqued is another good term. I steamed them in a bag, glued them, then dropped them in a 4x4 jig and clamped them. Why would they twist in opposite directions at the ends? I was not careful in noticing grain and such. I don’t believe I reversed their ends when clamping them.
  • Did you put any kind of screw or other fastener in the layers after you glued them? When liquid is added to soft,thin wood, it will warp. I'm surprised each end moved in different directions.

    I think a better plan would be to carve them out of a solid piece of wood.
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    Thin was easier to bend. A thicker piece I would have to steam longer. Tougher to bend. Some clamp the wood while it’s still in the bag so no moisture is lost. My first attempt.
    Act 2 soon.
  • Thin strips clamped in a jig with plenty of CA glue is very standard procedure. I'm curious about the warping myself.
    Did you join them in the same order as you cut them, or did you intersperse different woods? Did you run the ripped edge through a joiner before the glue-up?
  • My fav woods for this kind of job are Ash and Purpleheart - both very hard and dense (the Purpleheart will eat blades due to the silicon content) and neither is prone to warping.
  • It is maple. No joiner, never owned one.
    Been wanting to ask my Bro in law as he builds furniture. At Christmas when I first asked him about it, it sounded like he didn’t dabble in this at all. I’ll mark each side of wood strips next time. Maybe I don’t need to steam 1/16” strips??
  • Seems over time the bend has slackened and is not the same tight arc it was when I pulled it out of jig.
  • I've taken the twist out of wood by wrapping it in a wet towel and twisting the wood in the opposite direction. It's a crap shoot but can work. Keep the wood wet for a day or two then check your results.
  • I think I was impatient to see the results originally and pulled the wood out of jig before it was dry. I will try again. Thanks for the tip. Enjoy the warmth south of de border. Don’t drink de water.
  • We had a cold spell. It didn't hit 70 yesterday!
  • Moonshine season start yet? Have to have a canopy, to hide from the eyes in the sky.
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