taller gearing for my n380 Rambler

Would like to hear from anyone who has switched to a Patterson crank, or other options to gain alittle more speed. Is the Patterson changeover something I can do myself?


  • What conditions do you usually ride on? How big are the hills?

    I had a used Patterson installed on my Rover with a Nexus i8 hub and found I seldom went into 8th gear anymore. I am now usually riding down a gear or two at the same speed. Also, I start in 1st or 2nd instead of 3rd. I had 155 mm crank arms before and went to the 170 mm with the Patterson which explains the harder starting. But I didn't see much more speed and that was on the larger Patterson gear. I have a whole other gear for climbing hills and use it, when needed.
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    you might be disappointed with the effect of adding a stock patterson crankset, 80 g.i. compared to the oem 75 g.i. @ 60 rpm speed would rise from 13.5 to 14.4 mph.

    on the other hand, if you were to add $50 to the patterson cost for the 36-tooth chainring option, quite a different story. your gear-spread would now be 17-101 g.i. if blessed with an engine that can turn 60 rpm at 100 g.i. you would be doing 18 mph.

    a caveat (minor?) to the above is the nuvinci warranty regarding driving:driven sprocket ratios. on the other hand, since you cant stand on the pedals, that probably does not matter.

    self-install? go for it. requires 2 bottom bracket wrenches, torque wrench, 1.5 and 8mm hex wrenches. install the cable stop before mounting the crankset. lbs would probably charge you around $60 to do an install.

    good product, very good install instructions, excellent customer support.
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