Trike Tour

Hello, I am a disabled Navy veteran. I am getting ready to ride my Terra Trike Tour II around the four borders of the United States (12,000 miles) to raise awareness for Veterans that are suffering from the effects of PTSD. My son, William Hook, served in the Army and suffered from PTSD. He lost his battle with PTSD on May 10, 2013. There needs to be more done to help all of our veteran men and women who are dealing with PTSD. I would like to share my story with as many people as possible. If anyone would like to follow me, my Facebook page: Gregory Hook, my blog:, and my YouTube: Texas Triker. I am attempting to raise $25,000 to be given to the Christian Warriors Retreat Center. To donate, go to: Thank you.


  • @hooktribe Salute Brother! As a fellow disabled Navy Veteran, I am more sorry for your loss than I can express in the limited emotions of a forum. 22 of our brothers and sisters take their own lives every day in the U.S. That's a frightening number of Veterans to lose by their own hand

    When you make it up to Washington State, drop me a line here on these forums. Or you can email me directly at elrique64(AT)hotmail(dot)com. I can promise you a hot and a cot when you get into the Seattle Area. And maybe a partner to ride a ways with you, as you open eyes, warm hearts and win minds. (I may be able to put together more than one partner, depending on the time of year you are here.)

    Again Brother,
  • Sounds like an admiral plan Hooktribe. Sorry for your loss and excited for your effort. Good luck... should luck be a factor.
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