Warm Weather Coming



  • Did you guys go see the blue ice near Mackinaw?

    My wife and I are going ice cave exploring this weekend in Munising on Lake Superior.
  • Sounds awesome!
  • Take fotos for us. I’ll buy one for Vicki. 25 years ago we went out on the ice below Tahquamenon Falls. He had to climb over boards and chains as THEY didn’t want anyone to get to the rivers edge down those steps. Overcast day,
    so not great for fotos. Even walked across to the little falls and the island. Young-er and stupid. Never again. I wonder how thick the ice was that day?
    Two feet of snow on top of ice to boot.
  • Cold front came thru northern Fla and dropped this mix. Tough peddling. Needed spikes on rear.
  • It hasn't been below 50 here for a week. What area are you talking about?
  • FlaBound- what year is your Trike and,
    are those 24” you put on your Trike? Or did they come with it? An internal hub?
  • I bought the trike in 2013 and I do have 24" wheels all around. It also has a Nexus 8i hub.
  • Did you have the larger added after or did you buy it that way? What did the 24’s cost you if you added them after?
  • I bought them later. Tires, wheels, and installation cost $600. I think it was well worth the price. I'm 5'10" with bad knees. They made getting on and off the trike much easier.
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