Need for speed upgrades.

After spending a lot of thought on the subject I ordered a set of twincam chain rings for the Zoomer, 28T 42T 52T, the 9 speed rear cassette remains the same. This should help me run better with the two wheeled packs on the rolling hills and open flats this season. Along with that change I'm doing film aero covers for all three wheels more for the psychological effect. My goal with changes is to avoid adding additional weight and I've stayed in the ball park.
My wife has been on me to do more group rides with the Cherry Capital Bike Club but their pace is a killer with the rolling hills we have on the roads here in Leelanau county so hopefully these tweaks along with the tires I added last summer should allow me to at least keep the pack in sight or possibly get in their large pack and draft ( insert laugh here ).
This year I did not enter the M-22 Challenge, a 900 entry triathlon that I've podium in the past two years, one knee cannot do the run segment any more. Probably will ride in some of the longer events later in the summer if my gearing change works. And maybe get to the Terra Trike event this summer since it's only two hours away. All this talk seems dreamworld with the new snow this past week, need a big thaw and some fifty degree days to ride outdoors.


  • Drive south to MKG. Snow forecast overnight. Trace amounts. Vicki and I hope for Thursday. Low 40’s. I have rode maybe three times. My mind forgets. :|
  • Were you the one going to Pictured Rocks? Any Picts??
  • Yes, went to Eben Falls ice caves and some of the falls within Pictured Rocks. Did not walk across to Grand Island. I'll post a couple pics tomorrow.
  • The twin cam chain rings arrived today. 28 and 50 tooth, low and high rings. For now I'm,staying with a round mid ring.
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