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Hi all. I discovered recumbent trikes years ago but lived in an area that was not conducive to riding a bike much less a trike (which was sad as other parts of that city were fantastic for biking). I now live near a bike path in a city that has a number of bike paths and I took the plunge and got a trike. I brought my Rover home last Saturday and I'm already loving it. I took it out for a test spin on a route that I struggled to do on a DF last year and it was a breeze on the Rover. I can't wait to get off work & go for another ride.
I've been lurking on this group for a while & just want to thank you all for the information that you have provided in various posts. The sheer amount of knowledge here is a bit overwhelming but also so very helpful.
Now for my first kinda silly question. Where is a better spot for my water bottle than on the end of the boom? It's ok there except that my water bottle is leaking & I'd like to stop that.


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    Target sells one that straps to one of the handlebars but I found my leg hitting it while pedaling. There is a Smoky Mountain Saddlebag which connects to the side of the seat but it is pretty expensive.

    I first tried the angled bar that Terra Trike sells that lifts the water bottle up to an angled position. It was ok but not great. Then I bought a dual bottle holder from Terra Cycle. The second holder is much closer to your reach. It is about $60 but I love it and can carry two bottles instead of just one.
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  • Versa Bars is a great addition and includes bolt holes for water bottle holders that hold your water upright.
  • Jrobiso2, can you reach the bottles while you are riding? That was my biggest problem. With the original bottle holder position, I almost had to stop to reach the bottle and I bought the tallest bottle I could find.
  • I’ll have to post a picture when I am mentally able this am, soon to be pm. I put a bottle cage under my seat right side. Holds a Coke size plastic 16.9 filled with water. A SoBe fatter size also works but a tight fit. Carrier is right there. Don’t have to reach back or carry it in your lap.
  • The versa bars position the bottle an inch or two in front of your hands. You can reach that :-)
  • My wife has a waist band/pac that she wears in front while on her Rover. It has a pocket for a water bottle.
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    I use this one from TerraTrike.vo0udohsrdyc.jpg
  • Ed-how do you get in and out of that thing?
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I still need to shell out some money for lights & a mirror or two so I was hoping to avoid spending more money on this. I like the idea of moving it beneath or beside the seat. Much easier to get to.

    Jrobiso2 - versabars will be a future purchase. I don't need the assist getting on/off the rover but love the extra real estate they provide for mounting things.
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    Ed-how do you get in and out of that thing?

    Guess I'm lucky that my knees and hips work fairly well and still can get in/out ( in being easier than out !) of the Zoomer. Once you're seated it is extremely comfortable. It's light, narrow and moves along well.
  • Seems like a long drop down in. What do u use to pull yourself up?
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    Seems like a long drop down in. What do u use to pull yourself up?

    Seat is 8" off the ground. Sorta bend/lean forward and rock forward while swinging elbows rearward to help with balance and push off while knees take the load. If it doesn't work you just sit back down I guess. My knees/hips/ankles are good and I weigh about 175# in riding gear so it isn't hard to do. Maybe I'll do a quick video of me sitting and getting up.
  • Bottle cage is meant for handlebars of a DF. Seat frame on our trikes is smaller tubing. I used some tape from Duluth Trading I had leftover around seat pipe to enlarge the diameter. So now the bottle cage is snug. Won’t pivot. How it works out for the newbie.
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    The Versa Bars opens a whole world of mounting possibilities. :smiley:

    Although I've even added another phone holder below the other one recently. (Night photo, slightly enhanced)

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  • Very nice.
  • I have a rack on my Rover.
    I bought a cooler at Goodwill and modified it to hang on the rack
    I keep my water bottles there iced down in the summer and hot tea in the colder months.

    Left side is a Goodwill-purchased Coleman Flip Top cooler and the right side is a rollaround backpack also from Goodwill. Total cost $7. To make a long story short, the back pack still has the rollers but the pack straps have been removed and the extendable handle has been screwed into a locked position. The bungees hook under the strap tab of the rack, which I mounted looped end DOWN (opposite of instructions). The pack bungee (yellow) is crimped to two eyes mounted on the steel handle of the pack. The "cuts" were made with a soldering iron instead of a knife and that fuses the cut edges to minimize raveling. The faint yellow line below that is where the strap tab hits the pack when the bag is hanging on the rack. The cooler has a similar bungee except it is offset to the front and the eyes are surface mounted. The offset is due to the asymmetrical rack layout-the strap tab is only 3" back from the front but the whole rack is over 10" long.
  • You guys have such fascinating ideas. Not sure how tricked out my Rover will get as I'm still getting the basics. My wonderful uncle welded me an l-shaped bracket so my water bottle cage is now in the upright position (for takeoff) & I'm planning on mounting a light there now. Now to get a basic light set & some mirrors.

    I'm loving riding the trike. We've been riding in the evenings along a creek. Just looking at the sunset, all the flowers and listening to the frogs & birds makes the trike worth it. Wish I'd bought one years ago.
  • Our accessorizing did not happen over night. ;)

    One of the better accessories was the GoPro Hero Session camera. Especially when in traffic it's like extra assurance that if something does go bad there is a witness. Also find that recording those trips through the trails, the bird sounds, the flow of the water streams, frogs, ahh ... is good to play back later & through the winter months.

    Today there were some fighter jets flying over Payette. Rarely do we have any military aircraft past helicopters flying over; these jets were close to the ground as if flying under the radar. Gave Payette some action, although a lot of people were getting worried as if there was going to be some fireworks.

    You just never know how useful a small camera is until you get one. And there are many times when it's fun to look back at "clips" of people staring at your trike as the drive by. ;)

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  • Very nice.
  • Love the camera. It would have been fun to have a couple of nights ago when I was out triking and lucky enough to be under the landing flight path of one of the 747s that can be Air Force One. It's interesting to live close to an Air Force Base & see all the planes & now I can just slow down & look up at them without worrying about falling off. :)
  • We used Camelbaks when mountain biking, we will do the same with the Trikes
  • Heard water reservoirs work great in the seat packs. Unsure if one would require the bigger seat pack or the standard version.

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  • I've lived on or near an Air Force Base since 1985. We had an engine test cell right behind our base housing in Blytheville AR. Now every night we hear them bombing on the Eglin reservation. Not a problem! Those planes are "the sounds of freedom."

    But, I heard even more planes when I lived in both Alexandria and Fairfax VA. I was in the flight pattern for Reagan and Dulles airports. Fortunately, one never crashed on top of me!
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