Rear Tire Options, revisited

Seems the Rover can hold a 2 inch wide tire on OEM rims, according to TerraTrike's technical Support Team.

Road wise am okay with Marathon Plus all the way around, although going off paved roads/sidewalks the rear tire slips a lot. Have been strongly considering changing the rear tire to something with more shock absorption - which, unfortunately, also means being more susceptible to goat heads. Prefer to stick with OEM rims for now (cost issues).

Have been looking for a tread design that is road friendly like the older Specialized Croassroads, yet have a bit more bite & grip when treading across grass, rural ground, hard pack, gravel, and the sort. Alas, would also like the protection from goatheads that run rampant around this area.

Wonder if there is a happy medium?



  • I'm thinking the goat heads will be a problem regardless what type tire you use. Also avoid the overly aggressive knobby tire, they are overkill in most scenarios.
  • Unless you're going through really soft dirt or almost mud, a knobby shouldered tire isn't going to do much on a trike. Unlike a bike that leans into turns, the tire shoulders on a trike aren't going to find themselves in contact with the ground much unless you're going really low pressure.
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    For what it is worth, I spent a couple months most winters in the southwest US. This past winter I took our trikes along, and on my maiden voyage (New Mexico) I was rudely introduced the goat-heads I had been warned about. Not only did I get a flat, but I picked dozens of out of my tire. I had learned my lesson.

    When we got to Tucson, I stopped at a large trike dealership - Ajo Bikes. Had a long chat with the owner who told me they ALWAYS recommend new buyers swap their tires for Marathon Plus or Big Apple Plus AND add True Goo (their preferred brand of tire sealant because it doesn't clog the valve). I added a Big Apple and True Goo on the rear of my trike, and just added the True Goo to my front Marathon Racers. I rode several hundred miles out west, saw lots of goat-heads, but never got another flat.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. Please share your experience, good, bad, or indifferent, so we can all learn from one another.
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    Agree on the Marathon Plus.
    Did a lot of research for several months on finding the best tire for both gravel and goat head resistance, and Marathon Plus kept coming up time and time again. And they are heavier, obviously.

    Had one flat recently on the left. Looked for a goat head with nothing to be found, not any green slime. Since installing Slime tubes they have constantly held tire pressure within 2#. Aired the tire up, spun it around, been good since.

    But... Slime does clog up valves, the Schrader valve attachment on tire pumps. Will have to check into this True Goo then. Thanks for the tip.

    Wonder if the Big Apple Plus would fit on OEM rims & have enough room for the rear wheel on a Rover i8?

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  • If you get a Big Apple Plus that is no more than 2" wide, I believe you will be OK. Remember, TT is now a Schwalbe dealer, and they should be able to verify this. Give them a call. Good Luck!
  • question arises whether TerraTrike's technical Support Team has ever mounted said tires on their very own rover commuter?

    from experience, big apple plus 20x2.15 fits front and rear. 20x3.0 kenda flames will fit front rims, ride better than the big apples at 40 psi my humble.

    before we repeat the urban myth of the flatproof tire, dismount and remount the humble oem cst tire. now try same with a marathon and consider if that tire is something you wish to wrestle with on a hot sweaty day.

    unfortunately, the electric wheel from the canadians came with a marthon plus 20x1.75. fortunately, still have a quikstik, tire bead jack, and a handful of nylon dog collars that are most useful mounting marathons.

    about buying new rims and mounting marathons - quite possible you will be unable to mount a narathon without steel tire irons [dont!]. others have written about this, i have experienced this.

    for those who like to reference terratrike tech support, what do they have to say about the day one issue with curing rover seat slip?
  • Had removed the OEM Road Cruisers with nylon & plastic tire removers. Then installed the Marathon Plus using same tools, with tire liners between the Slime tubes and tires. Used a standard floor pump as well. No issues other than wrestling with the Sturmey-Archer cable anchor.

    I used the contact form up above, Joshua replied with: "The widest you could go on a Rover wheel would be about 2.0". Any wider and it wouldn't get seated very well in the rim and could damage the tire. We do have a couple options for 2.0" width tires if you're interested."

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  • @JamesR While I have no desire to foster the "Urban Myth" of a flat-proof tire (outside of solid rubber tires), one of the old-timers working in Tucson at Ajo Bikes, Leo, claims to have ridden more than 5,000 miles in the last five years without a single flat tire on his trike equipped with Marathon Plus tires filled with True Goo tire sealant. So, maybe close to flat-proof, and at least highly flat resistant.
  • never say never. that's why I ride with a cell phone and $50. Somehow I'll get back to the car.
  • I hate that goo stuff. It messes with my pump head.
  • True Goo

    Is unlike any other tire sealant I have seen or used. It is quite thin and seems to not cause a problem with valve stems. Read their spiel at the site linked above. I hate slime, it clogged up my valve stems. True Goo has not. It is also lighter weight, cheaper, and easier to use - IMHO.
  • Since installing the slime tubes have had to replace a valve core today. Think I've had these in for a year or more? So $1.98 for 4 valve cores isn't bad, and does not take much effort to replace one.

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